There is a lot of speculation in sports circles about the future of star Lionel Messi with his club Paris Saint-Germain, especially after his fluctuating performance in the French league and farewell to the Champions League after losing to Bayern Munich.

Messi and his companions lost last Sunday at home to Loreo, and the Parisian club scored one goal to 3 goals for the opposing team in a match in which Messi participated for 90 minutes. The next day, the soccer star left for Saudi Arabia for a visit with his family, while press reports indicate that the visit took place without the approval of the club he plays with.

The Saudi Ministry of Tourism had chosen Messi as its ambassador for tourism last year, as the "Argentine flea" visited the Kingdom in May 2022 and explored during his visit the treasures of the Red Sea, Jeddah season and its history, and participated earlier this year - with his companions in Paris Saint-Germain - in a friendly match in the Riyadh season, which brought together the stars of Al-Nasr and Al-Hilal, led by the star of the Saudi Al-Nasr club, Cristiano Ronaldo.

As soon as the news spread of Messi's arrival in Riyadh, news leaked – through several news agencies – that Paris Saint-Germain will not renew Messi's contract, and also talks about his suspension from playing and training with the club for two consecutive weeks against the background of his visit to Saudi Arabia.

The program "Shabakat" (2023/5/3) continued the interaction of social media users with the rumors circulating regarding the suspension of Messi's training, and the activist asked Mr. Hanafi and said: "Is it possible that Messi rode the plane and pulled on (ignore) training without coordination? A decision to either absorb the anger of the fans or some of the Paris players returning to training."

For his part, tweeter Musleh Hussein wrote: "Age ends and work does not end. The eye of the mind, Leo, worked. And a fun trip with the family."

As for the activist Abu al-Seif, he said: "As much as the media loves to excuse Messi, at the same time throws all the problems of the universe on Ronaldo."

In turn, activist Hayyan wrote: "For how long – I mean he will continue (will continue) deifying and glorifying Messi and presenting him as a perfect, which is ultimately a human being and a mistake, and a mistake and deserves punishment."

Activist Anas wrote: "I hope the punishment will be the termination of a contract, in order to give him his dues, and at the same time we sign with him immediately (directly)."