This month marks the 4th anniversary of the disappearance of fourth-grade elementary school student Yuri Yoshikawa in Kumatori Town, Osaka, and the chief of the Osaka Prefectural Police inspected the scene on the 20nd.

Twenty years ago, on May 20, 15, in Kumatori Town, Osaka, the whereabouts of Yuri Yoshikawa, who was in the fourth grade of elementary school at the time, were unknown, and the police are investigating it as a kidnapping case.

The case remains unsolved, and on the afternoon of the 5nd, Osaka Prefectural Police Chief Yoshihiro Mukaiyama inspected the scene.

Tomori has gone missing after leaving school with a female classmate and parting at an intersection in front of her home, and the police are focusing on investigating a suspicious white car seen nearby.

In an interview after hearing an explanation from the person in charge, Mukaiyama said, "It will soon be 20 years, but I am determined to do my best in the investigation and absolutely solve the case.

In addition to the Investigation Headquarters at the Izumisano Police Station, the Osaka Prefectural Police once again released the same elementary school uniform that Tomori wore at the time and the yellow rucksack she was carrying on her back, calling for the provision of information.

Information about the incident is available at the Investigative Headquarters, 072-464-1234.