On April 4, Fujian TV reported that Mr. Liu had booked a homestay room in Fuzhou from April 25 to May 4 half a month earlier and paid a deposit of 28 yuan. At that time, the agreed price with the homestay staff was 5 yuan per night. Unexpectedly, on April 4, the staff of the homestay told Mr. Liu that the room had been "sealed for prostitution" and asked Mr. Liu to cancel the room. However, when Mr. Liu's friend asked if the homestay had the same room that night, the homestay replied that there were still rooms, but the price had increased from 500 yuan per night to 218 yuan.

According to the report, in response to this matter, Mr. Liu reported to the relevant departments, and the Fuzhou market supervision and management department has intervened to deal with it.

↑The online booking platform shows that the rooms during May Day have been sold out

On April 4, Red Star News reporters inquired about the order status of the homestay on three online platforms, and all showed the status of full rooms. However, when the reporter later asked as a customer about the ordering of the room in the homestay, a staff member said that the room during May Day can still be ordered, and the price is 28 yuan per night.

The staff sent a schematic diagram showing the room environment, which is consistent with the pictures of the room provided by Mr. Liu in the report. The staff told reporters that the reason why the homestay room was removed from the platform was because it was "afraid of receiving orders (over)", and if you want to buy, you will re-list the link, and the link will be removed after the transaction is completed.

↑B&B staff posted a circle of friends saying "there is a room"

According to the staff's circle of friends, he posted "there is a room" on April 4 and April 25, respectively, with pictures of the homestay room.

On the afternoon of the 28th, the reporter called the homestay as a media. The relevant person in charge of the homestay said that there was no prostitution in the homestay. At that time, the staff of the homestay had a misunderstanding with the customer due to the problem of changing rooms, so they made up an excuse to get the customer to refund the order. The hotel received Mr. Liu at the original price and apologized to the other party. At present, the two parties have reached a settlement.

On the 28th, the Red Star News reporter learned from the staff of the publicity department of the Fuzhou Market Supervision Administration that after Mr. Liu's report, the Market Supervision Administration had actively intervened and asked the homestay to rectify. The specific situation is still under investigation by the staff of the precinct. According to its understanding, according to the internal regulations of the homestay, the higher the price of the room, the higher the employee's achievement. When the Market Supervision Administration intervened in the investigation, the person in charge of the homestay said that he had not known about the employee's practice. After understanding the situation, the matter was dealt with as soon as possible and the relevant personnel were ordered to deal with it seriously. At present, the consumer has reached a settlement with the merchant and checked in at the original price today.

Red Star News Reporter Wang Yucheng Wang Han Intern Hu Lingling