On Thursday, April 27, the closing ceremony of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival took place at the Rossiya Theater. During the ceremony, the winners of the 2023 show were awarded. The presenter was the Russian film director Pyotr Buslov.

The main prize of the festival - "Golden St. George" - was awarded to the film co-produced by Chile and Argentina "Three Brothers", directed and screenwritten by Francisco Paparella. This is a story about three hunter brothers who, on their way to Patagonia, faced with addictions, an incurable disease and other abnormalities, show their toxicity. The cold and closed atmosphere and lack of communication become the reasons for the tragic ending for the heroes.

"This is a film with a very strong story, wonderful acting, visual design and all the elements that make up an exciting and heartbreaking film," TASS quoted the chairman of the jury, Rahul Ravel, as saying.

The special prize of the jury - "Silver St. George" - this year was awarded to the utopian film production of Canada and Bulgaria "Phi 1,618" about eternally living and biologically perfect people called biotitans. They are ready to say goodbye to life on planet Earth forever in order to achieve the main goal.

The award for best director was given to Tonatya Garcia, director of the Mexican-made film Black Moon. The film, based on real events, tells about a large family living in the quiet town of Giacomulco, and about the conflict between the locals and the corrupt government, which takes away from the people a vital natural source - the Los Pescados River. The film was also awarded the Audience Award and the "Prickly View" award of the Federation of Film Clubs of Russia.

  • © Shot from the movie "Three Brothers"

The best actor at the 45th Moscow International Film Festival was named Fernando Arce, who played the role of the peasant Gregorio in the film "Those Who Are Below". During the ceremony, the film's director, Alejandro Quiroga, noted that Fernando Arce is by far considered the best in his profession in Bolivia.

The prize for Best Actress was awarded to Japanese actress Kaho Seto, who played in the film of the main competition "Fragile Flowers in the Stream of Days" about three residents of Tokyo. The award was received by the film's director Yutaka Tsunemachi. She thanked the members of the jury and expressed the hope that thanks to the MIFF prize, the film will be seen by as many people as possible.

The short film competition was won by the film "Everything" directed by Chinese director Lu Helay. The film tells the story of a young guy Cad, who meets a girl who can turn into anything. Together they embark on a journey between reality and fantasy. Soon, Cada realizes that he has fallen in love with a new acquaintance.

The prize for the best documentary film was awarded to the film "The History of Russian Prisons. Vladimir Central" by Russian director Yulia Bobkova.

This is a story about the famous prison, which was visited by politicians, revolutionaries, scientists, philosophers and the military. In the film, prison staff and prisoners reflect on death, the main values of life, homeland, correction and fair punishment. At the award ceremony, the director of the film admitted that working on this film changed her.

In the program "Russian Premieres" this year, the jury noted the presence of a number of worthy projects and stated that it was extremely difficult to choose the best film. Nevertheless, this title was awarded to the film "The Edge of the Broken Moon" directed by Svetlana Samoshina about the complex relationship of 14-year-old Sonya with her mother, who lied to her daughter about the death of her father. Special mention from the panel of judges was awarded to such films as "Secret Attraction" by Stasya Venkova and "Montevideo Unit" by Tatyana Lyutaeva.

  • © Shot from the film "The Edge of the Broken Moon"

The prize of the jury of Russian film critics was awarded to the Serbian film "The Trail of the Beast", which takes place in Yugoslavia in 1979. In the story, a promising journalist during a report on a murder in a small town finds a connection between the incident and the crimes of past years. The director of the film, Nenad Pavlovich, was awarded a special mention by the jury of the "Prickly Look".

The director and general director of Mosfilm, Karen Shakhnazarov, won the honorary award "for his contribution to world cinema."

45 films from Russia, Japan, China, Bulgaria, Mexico, Argentina, France, Bangladesh and other countries participated in the main competition program of the 12th MIFF.

The chairman of the jury this year was a film director and producer from India, Rahul Ravel. Together with him, the winners of the show were chosen by Russian actors Alexei Guskov and Svetlana Ivanova, actress from Kazakhstan Samal Yeslyamova and Colombian director and screenwriter Ciro Guerra.

In total, more than 200 films from 60 countries were presented at the festival. More films were brought this year by China - 23 films, France provided 18 films, and Spain - 15. MIFF sessions were attended by about 38 thousand spectators.

The review of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival was opened by the film "Bullfinch" by Russian director Boris Khlebnikov. The film is based on the novel by Georgy Vladimov "Three Minutes of Silence". This is a story about two bloggers - Maxim and Nikita, who join for fun in a group of sea vagabonds living on a fishing vessel called "Bullfinch".

The festival was closed by the Spanish sports drama "42 Seconds" about the beautiful final of the Olympic Games in water polo in 1992 with Jaime Lorente and Alvaro Cervantes in the lead roles.

In 2022, the main prize of the show was taken by the film "Without prior arrangement" by Iranian director Behrouz Shoaibi. The film was also awarded the "Prickly View" award of the Federation of Film Clubs of Russia.

MIFF is held every year in Moscow. The first festival was held in 1935 at the Udarnik cinema, and in 1995 it was announced that the show would become an annual event. Since 1999, the Moscow International Film Festival has been headed by film director Nikita Mikhalkov.