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Summer is approaching and it's time to start thinking about getting a new bikini for the beach and pool season. If you do not know which swimsuit to choose, do not worry, because celebrities have gone ahead and have already set a trend: the animal print bikini will sweep this 2023.

A celebrity who has joined this trend is Demi Moore. On April 20, the actress shared on Instagram a photo in which she appears wearing a leopard print bikini, making it clear that this print is back to stay.

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The snapshot already exceeds 225,000 likes and has been filled with compliments to the interpreter. "I love you" or "you're beautiful" are some of the comments that can be read in the post.

Cristina Pedroche has also signed up for the animal print bikini

Demi Moore is not the only one who has signed up for the animal print bikini. On April 6, Cristina Pedroche, who is pregnant, showed off her belly in a leopard swimsuit.

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The presenter, who posed in Miami, opted for an original pink model. In addition, she topped off her summer attire with Ipanema sandals.

Tips for wearing an animal print bikini

If you want to include the animal print bikini in your summer looks, we have some tips for you. "The animal print has become a classic that transcends virtually any fashion and era. But, being the protagonist, you must combine it correctly so as not to saturate the look, "advises the image consultant Isis Miralles.

In this sense, it is advisable that you wear it with basic garments, such as shorts or a black caftan or in earth tones. "You should avoid mixing it with red, with pink, with bright textures or with very bright colors," adds the expert.

Other celebrities who have posed with animal print swimsuits

It seems that animal print swimsuits have conquered celebrities, who have been wearing this trend for months. Sharon Stone was one of the first and in July 2022 we saw her with a green design.

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Salma Hayek has also tried this print, but in the form of a swimsuit. "If you have a tummy, an interesting option is the swimsuit or the trikini. Ideal are those that have a puckered effect on the area, as they hide it, "reveals image consultant Carie Mercier Lafond.

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When we talk about animal print we do not only refer to leopard print. An example is this black and white zebra bikini worn by Úrsula Corberó.

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Even Victoria Federica de Marichalar y Borbón has surprised us by bringing out her wildest side. The young woman recently vacationed in the Riviera Maya and hung a picture from paradise wearing a leopard bikini.

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Best animal print bikinis for 2023

If you want to follow the example of celebrities, we have the solution. We have chosen several animal print bikinis so that this 2023 you do not go unnoticed.

We love this leopard bikini from NA-KD

NA-KD leopard bikini. NA-KD

The easiest way to test the animal print is with a leopard print. That's why we have chosen this bikini from NA-KD (top, 14.95 euros; panties, 14.95 euros) that stands out for its triangle-shaped bra and its panties with side straps. To go to the beach, combine it with a midi skirt in earth tones.

Do not miss in Bershka this zebra bikini

Bershka zebra bikini.BERSHKA

The zebra print is very elegant, as the combination of black and white is discreet and never fails. Include this trend in your wardrobe with this bikini from Bershka (top, 12.99 euros; panties, 9.99 euros).

Be the most original with this snake bikini from ASOS

Weekday snake bikini at ASOS. WEEKDAY / ASOS

The most daring will fall in love with the snake print. If you want to break with your most classic image, sign this snake bikini from Weekday in ASOS (top, reduced to 10.39 euros; panties, reduced to 6.79 euros), a success thanks to its neon green color and its bra with neckline word of honor.

Do you dare with this cow bikini from Shein?

Shein.SHEIN cow bikini

Believe it or not, the cow print has also reached swimwear, and proof of this is this bicolor bikini from Shein (set, 11 euros).

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