【"May Day" holiday is approaching, many consumers are preparing to buy medicine in advance for travel】

News feeds related to coronavirus infection are still in the spotlight. According to data released by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 4 new cases of local key variant were detected from April 14 to April 4. On April 20, the National Disease Control Administration said that XBB.275.4 in China's local cases remained at an extremely low level, and did not form a transmission advantage.

On April 4, Zhang Wenhong, director of the National Medical Center for Infectious Diseases and director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, called for "good drug reserves to deal with secondary infection" at the "Infection and Immunity Summit Forum". In fact, with the "May Day" holiday approaching, many people are preparing to travel, and many consumers choose to buy medicine in advance to prepare. The reporter learned: whether it is an e-commerce platform or an offline pharmacy, all of them are actively ensuring the supply of new crown drugs, and some have also launched an eye drop zone; Pharmaceutical companies have not slackened off at all, and are still producing at full capacity and orders have continued to flow so far; In the capital market, related concept stocks rose yesterday.

Text/Guangzhou Daily all-media reporter Tu Duanyu Wen Jing

The "entrance" of the new crown drug search is in a conspicuous position, and the supply of fever-reducing drugs is sufficient

On the morning of April 4, the reporter saw on Ali Health, Meituan Buy Medicine and other platforms that the search "entrance" related to new crown drugs reappeared in a prominent position on the home page. In March this year, many pharmaceutical e-commerce platforms put the "entrance" of new crown drugs in an inconspicuous position, or replaced it with a cold and fever (medicine) "entrance", and now it has "returned" to a conspicuous position, largely affected by the recent news news related to the new crown virus infection.

In Ali Health Pharmacy, the entrance to secondary pages such as "new crown protection", cold and fever, and mask equipment is conspicuously located on the upper half of the homepage. Click to enter "New Crown Protection", Lianhua Qingwen capsules, ibuprofen sustained-release capsules, ibuprofen suspension, acetaminophen drops, etc. are among the top selling drugs. According to platform data, the monthly sales of Lianhua Qingwen capsules reached 2,24+ pieces, the monthly sales of 5 capsules of fenbide ibuprofen/box reached 6,<>+ pieces, and the monthly sales of ibuprofen suspension were <>,<>+ pieces.

On Meituan's drug purchase, the "entrance" of "coping with the new crown scientific medicine" is at the top of the homepage. In this special area, in addition to drugs related to the new crown, there is also a 24-hour online consultation service for third-class doctors, and in this round of online consultation services, ophthalmic consultation is more prominent, respectively for conjunctivitis, eye redness, itching, etc. Other consultation services include: adult fever, pediatrics, respiratory medicine, etc. In addition, some drugs on the platform, such as ibuprofen, pharyngitis tablets, vitamins, eye drops, etc., have discounts.

The reporter noted that before the high incidence of influenza A, the virus antigen detection kits of influenza A and influenza B were hot.

"A few days ago, the child suddenly had a fever, immediately used the new crown virus antigen test kit bought at home to test himself, found that it was not the new crown, and immediately took out the order of the antigen test kit of influenza A, as soon as the test was a stream of A, he bought oseltamivir granules for children to eat", consumer Ms. Chen told reporters, recently to prepare a small amount of influenza, new crown antigen test kit, if you have a fever, at least you can know what the corresponding disease is, and you can use symptomatic drugs in time.

The reporter browsed a number of pharmaceutical e-commerce platforms and found that the current supply of ibuprofen and other fever-reducing drugs is sufficient, and some platforms also launch discounts, such as a 24-capsule package of ibuprofen sustained-release capsules with an original price of 38.2 yuan, and the price after the discount is 28.9 yuan, the sales page shows that the order is placed on the same day, and it is expected to be delivered tomorrow. On the takeaway platform, the reporter searched for "ibuprofen", and the page showed that pharmacies near the order address were in stock, such as ibuprofen sustained-release capsules and ibuprofen suspension, which were expected to be delivered in about half an hour.

There is an eye drop section on the platform

Recently, everyone has been very concerned about whether XBB.1.16 can cause conjunctivitis. In this regard, a doctor on a pharmaceutical e-commerce platform said that the recent report of XBB.1.16 caused patients with itchy eyes and redness and other similar eye symptoms, in the previously popular new crown strain infection cases have also been reported, if the public has similar symptoms recently, should seek medical attention in time, under the guidance of a doctor timely medication.

According to the data, XBB.1.16 is a recombinant strain of the new coronavirus Omicron and belongs to the XBB family.

The reporter noticed that just recently, some pharmaceutical e-commerce platforms launched the "eye drops" area in a timely manner, and subdivided a variety of diseases such as "viral" conjunctivitis, "bacterial" conjunctivitis, and "allergic" conjunctivitis, and there were guidance on which eye drops could be used.

It is understood that eye drops for viral conjunctivitis, such as ganciclovir eye drops, are prescription drugs that need to be purchased and used under the guidance of a pharmacist with a prescription.

Pharmacies have arrived with drugs, and orders from pharmaceutical companies are still large

In a chain pharmacy in Baiyun District, many Chinese and Western drugs related to new crown prevention and treatment have been placed on conspicuous shelves, and the dosage forms are also diverse.

"Ibuprofen and oseltamivir are now in stock, whether it is to fight the new crown or influenza, the drug is not in short supply, and the price may be cheaper than if you buy it online." A person in charge of the pharmacy told reporters that recently ibuprofen and oseltamivir have begun to sell hot, but fortunately, the inventory is sufficient and most of the buyers are rational, so there is no previous phenomenon of "sold out".

On the production side, it's a different busy scene. "Since the beginning of the year, orders have been flowing continuously, and we are also working hard to increase production capacity, and the current daily production capacity of Baiyunshan Banlangen granules and compound Banlangen granules can reach 20,<> packs." Baiyunshan and Huang Chinese Medicine revealed that the recent supply of Baiyunshan Banlangen granules, compound Banlangen granules and other products on the market is tight, and the number of citizens buying such household proprietary Chinese medicines has increased significantly, but fortunately, consumers are more rational, so the "rhythm" of supply can basically keep up with the market sales.

The concept sector moved higher yesterday

On the 24th, the new crown drug concept sector went higher. On the same day, the A-share new crown drug concept sector opened actively, and China Resources Shuanghe, Xinhua Pharmaceutical, Tuoxin Pharmaceutical, Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical, etc. opened high. Subsequently, Tuoxin Pharmaceutical and Hanyu Pharmaceutical both rose by more than 10%, and Shanghai Kaibao, Guangshengtang, Xinhua Pharmaceutical, and Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical collectively attacked. As of the close, Tuoxin Pharmaceutical and Panlong Pharmaceutical rose to the limit, and the shares of Hanyu Pharmaceutical, Enwei Pharmaceutical, Xinhua Pharmaceutical, and Shanghai Kaibao all rose by more than 8%.

In fact, last Friday (21st), when the A-share market fell, the new crown drug concept sector rose against the market. China Resources Shuanghe rose by more than 12%, Tuoxin Pharmaceutical rose by more than 5%, and Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical, Shutaishen, Shanghai Kaibao, Xinhua Pharmaceutical, etc. all rose by more than 3%. After-hours data showed that the net purchase amount of China Resources Shuanghe institutions was as high as 22 million yuan, and the net inflow of human resources of Zhongsheng Medicine was 2 million yuan, the net inflow hit a new high since January 92, and the net inflow within the day ranked 1th in Shanghai and Shenzhen. The net inflow of human capital of Tuoxin Drug was 3.7 million yuan, and the net inflow hit a new high since December 3424, 63. Previously, when the pharmaceutical team of Huaan Securities released relevant topics, it was recommended to pay attention to the detection of respiratory pathogens, traditional Chinese medicine (cold and cough), pharmacies, and medical service chains.