21 people colluded inside and outside to cash out 196.2000 million yuan in false transactions [a platform launched a full reduction consumption coupon, more than <>,<> orders were not delivered]

A company's consumption platform in Wuhan launched a full reduction consumption coupon, but it was cashed out by criminals by false transactions of 196.21 million yuan, and the company suffered heavy losses. Tsingshan police combined operations, the whole chain to destroy a criminal gang that cashed out consumption coupons on consumer platforms, arrested 30 criminal suspects, and recovered more than <>,<> yuan in losses.


The merchant received 2000,<> orders but did not deliver

"Our company encountered malicious fraud by merchants, and the company has lost 14,1 yuan." On January 14 this year, Lu, a staff member of a company stationed in Qingshan, came to the Qingshan District Public Security Branch (Gangcheng Branch) to report to the police.

Lu introduced that in 2022, the company's consumption platform launched a consumption coupon, and consumers who use the consumption coupon to purchase goods during the event can get discounts of 400 yuan off 100 yuan and 200 yuan off 50 yuan. From December 2022 to 12, 15, the company found that more than 27,2000 orders of some customers after using consumption coupons at a fresh orchard store in Wuhan were not delivered, and the merchant was likely to fake transactions to cash out consumption coupons.

After receiving the alarm, the Tsingshan police immediately set up a special team to investigate the fresh orchard store, and found that the address provided by the fresh orchard store on the online platform was a false address, and the shop did not exist in reality.

The special police carefully analyzed the flow of funds for more than 2000,2 transactions in the fresh orchard store, and found that each consumption went to the same person, Hu, and the police judged that Hu was suspected of committing a major crime. The special squad tracked down the line and mastered Hu's hiding place, and on February 20, the police arrested Hu in a market in Baisha Zhou, Hongshan District.

Inner ghost

False transactions cashed out 196.<> million yuan

Hu explained that in November 2022, he discovered the loophole in a company's consumption coupon full reduction activity, and he started to think crookedly. Hu used the membership resources when he operated the gym to swipe orders, colluded with multiple merchants to make false transactions, illegally cashed out consumption coupons, and Hu took a proportional percentage.

At the end of November, Hu met Yu, the owner of a restaurant and Zhang, the regional managers of the consumption coupon promotion company, Zhang and Zou, and the four hit it off, ready to collude internally and externally to make a big profit.

Yu is responsible for registering stores on the company's consumer platform and listing fictitious products; Zhang and Zou used their status as regional managers of the company to facilitate the approval of Yu's registered fake store. Hu was responsible for the development of more than ten group owners such as Xia, attracting group members to use consumption coupons to designate fake shops to make false purchases, and illegally took 196.<> million yuan of platform funds.

Dig deep

Police pick "melon" and cut "vine"

According to Hu's account, the Tsingshan police immediately organized the Crackdown and Rectification Integrated Operations Center to dig deep and expand the line, compared the data of more than 20,15 "orders" collided, sorted out 6 suspicious settlement bank accounts, screened the heads of 11 shops involved in the case, and <> group owners.

Since March this year, Tsingshan police have organized more than 3 police officers to arrest in batches, and at present, all 20 gang members have been arrested, and the entire criminal gang such as organizers, the person in charge of the shop involved in the case, the owner of the WeChat group, and the ghost on the consumption platform has been eliminated in the whole chain, initially recovering 21,30 yuan of economic losses for the enterprise.

At present, 21 criminal suspects, including Hu, have been taken criminal compulsory measures by the police in accordance with the law. The work of digging deep into the case and recovering the stolen goods and recovering the damage is ongoing.

Correspondent Li Yuanhui, Wang Kuan, reporter Li Huizi

Wuhan Evening News