According to the holiday arrangement, the holiday date for May Day this year will be from 4 April to 29 May. Train tickets are currently available for 5 days, and tickets go on sale on the first day of the holiday this Saturday (April 3). The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily learned from a number of travel platforms that at present, the number of May Day travel bookings has increased significantly, and it is expected that domestic travel and outbound travel will usher in a peak.

At present, the starting time of train tickets at the seven major railway stations in Beijing is different, and the sales of Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing Fengtai Railway Station start at 8 o'clock; Beijing Station and Beijing Chaoyang Station are on sale from 10 o'clock; Beijing North Railway Station from 12 o'clock; Beijing South Railway Station from 12:30; It is available from 16 o'clock at Qinghe Station.

The Beiqing News reporter learned that according to the convention, the day before the May Day holiday train ticket sales will be hot in advance, especially the afternoon and evening train tickets are particularly sought-after, today, travelers who plan to travel in advance can buy train tickets for the day before the holiday. The railway department reminds that train tickets for the last day of the May 4 holiday will be sold on April 19, and passengers who need to return should purchase them in advance to avoid delays.

In terms of ticket purchase, there are new regulations for purchasing children's tickets this year, starting from January 2023, 1, the height of children will no longer be used as the standard, and children aged 1 and under 6 can purchase child discount tickets. At present, many Fuxing intelligent EMU trains in China are specially equipped with silent cars, and passengers can choose the train with the "Jing" logo when purchasing tickets on the 14App. The voice broadcast volume in the silent car is 12306% to 30% of the normal volume, and the flight attendant will grasp the arrival information of each passenger and provide one-to-one arrival reminder service for each passenger. Passengers in the silent carriage are also required to comply with the "mute regulations", such as: not making loud noises or receiving calls in the carriage, passengers need to adjust their mobile phones to silent or vibrate mode, wear headphones or turn off the audio source playback function when using electronic products, etc.

On April 4 this year, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region inbound high-speed rail trains resumed operation, and it will be more convenient to take the high-speed rail to Hong Kong this May Day holiday. Passengers can purchase high-speed rail tickets from their departure to Hong Kong through the China Railway 1 website (mobile railway 12306 App), station ticket windows, sales outlets, vending (pick-up) machines, etc. The check-in process for high-speed rail trains bound for Hong Kong is the same as that of ordinary high-speed trains, and you only need to use "one place, two checks" to complete the customs clearance process after arriving at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station. The railway department reminds that cross-border trains do not handle the crossing station to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, and passengers who cross the station to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station by themselves will be treated as no ticket.