Interactive AI "ChatGPT" creates natural sentences in a short time in response to questions and instructions.

In Japan, many companies have announced the use of new services. Even in job hunting, both students and hiring companies are changing immediately.

How should we deal with it?

"I want to get a divorce..."

Companies that operate sites that provide free legal consultation have begun to consider whether ChatGPT can be used to create responses to consultations.

The website receives an average of about 1,24 consultations per month.

Currently, lawyers create and post answers to each consultation received on the site, so there are time constraints such as not being able to respond immediately to late-night consultations.

We want to make this available on ChatGPT <> hours a day for more consultations.

I was shown a screen that is being verified for practical use.

Since there are many familiar issues such as divorce and inheritance in counseling, this time I will type "I want to divorce".

Then, in about 20 seconds, I got the following answer.

There are several ways to divorce. The first is an uncontested divorce, in which both husband and wife agree and submit divorce papers. First of all, please consider which method is suitable for your situation and proceed with the appropriate procedure. Expert opinions may also be helpful,"

the sentence begins with words that are sympathetic to the other person's feelings, and then explains how to divorce according to the law. Finally, I gave advice on future responses.

If you ask additional questions, you can give contextual answers based on previous interactions.

From 120.<> million data

The responses created by ChatGPT are based on the data of about 120.<> million legal consultations received on the site so far.

It is said that by learning this, it is possible to respond appropriately to similar consultations.

We are careful about the management of personal information.

The free consultation on the site does not have a mechanism to describe personal information, but in rare cases, names and phone numbers are written in consultations.

It is said that it is necessary to check these frequently so as not to leave them as data.

In addition, since we use past data, the contents of recent legal revisions may not be reflected.

The site operator has created a special team to test the answers many times to make sure they are correct, and to learn additional corrections as necessary.

Since the Lawyers Act prohibits "non-defense" in which a person is not qualified to practice as a lawyer, the operating company would like to start working on it after confirming that it does not violate the law.

Former president
of "" Eiichiro "With free chat using AI, you can easily consult as many times as you want, and you can answer in real time even in the middle of the night" "
I hope it will help people who want to consult a lawyer but are not actually receiving support."

Surge! "ChatGPT" service

According to PR TIMES, a major press release distribution company, the number of services and products using "ChatGPT" announced by companies through this company reached 1 from January to April 4.

By month, there were 10 cases in January, 258 cases in February, 1 cases in March, and 8 cases in April by the 2th.

By industry, 7 cases, or about 179%, were in the information and communications industry, and 52 were in the service industry.

The contents of the service include ▽ responding to inquiries from customers, ▽ learning apps such as English conversation lessons, ▽ creating summaries of meeting minutes,
▽ proposing travel plans,

etc. Its use is expanding in various fields.

"Think about your motivation for applying" even in job hunting

Fourth-year female students attending universities in Tokyo have been using the system since March to analyze the companies they want to apply to and to create entry sheets.

If you type "tell us about your strengths" or "think about your motivation for applying" with the company you want, you will immediately receive an answer in a natural sentence.

Fourteen companies submitted entry sheets created by adding their own experiences and thoughts to these responses and revising the contents, and several of them passed the document screening.

Female student
: "When I asked ChatGPT to think about my career plan, I received answers that were completely different from my own, and on the contrary, my thoughts became clearer.

Was it a student who wrote this ES? .AI?

On the 12th, a recruitment consulting company headquartered in Kobe City held an online seminar in which HR personnel from more than 60 companies participated.

He explained that "ChatGPT" can be used to automate the creation of job information and e-mails for students, as well as the correction of entry sheets, greatly reducing work.

On top of that, he said that in the future, it will be difficult to tell which one of the students or AI wrote the entry sheet just by looking at the entry sheet, and advised that face-to-face communication such as interviews will become more important.

Yuho Ando, Vice President
of Arrowlink, who organized the seminar, said, "In the field of recruitment, more and more companies are interested in ChatGPT, as they believe that the impact of ChatGPT will be significant.

Intensifying development competition

On the 13th, Amazon, an American IT giant, announced the provision of AI that can summarize sentences.

With increasing competition around the world, development is also accelerating in the country.

Startups in Tokyo have developed their own AI specialized for Japanese.

In addition to its excellent Japanese support, it also meets the need to store data on domestic servers instead of overseas.

Ryuji Noguchi, Director and CMO
of ELYZA: "I believe that AI that can interact will be a way to solve the labor shortage. I feel that it is necessary to think on the premise that it will be affected mainly by clerical work."

Concerns about rapid spread

Interactive AI is rapidly expanding its use in companies and individuals.

Overseas, there are moves to put the brakes on this momentum.

In March, Italian authorities temporarily banned the use of ChatGPT, citing alleged violations of personal data protection laws, including the collection of large amounts of personal data. I instructed them to take concrete measures during April.

Some universities in Japan are beginning to prohibit the use of dissertations.

In addition, several celebrities have endorsed an online petition by an American nonprofit calling for a halt to development, citing that the development race is out of control.

Rely on AI? Rely? Make the right decisions

Professor Ichiro Sato of the National Institute of Informatics, who is an expert in informatics, points out that there is a risk of changing society and that people need to judge when to rely on it and when not to rely on it.

National Institute of Informatics, Professor Ichiro Sato

It is very easy to arbitrarily bias the training data, and if the user is satisfied only with the answers and results written by ChatGPT and does not go to see the source of the information, he can freely control the information space. This also means that it is easy to manipulate public opinion."

"In the future, ChatGPT will be implemented in software for creating apps and documents, and I think it will be difficult to spend time without using it. However, this is just a tool, so there are strengths and weaknesses, and there are good and bad suits. As with adults and children, I think it will be necessary to have information literacy to properly judge when to rely on AI and when not to rely on it, and to put it into practice."