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Once we have enjoyed Holy Week without the typical feeling of guilt, we are all aware that we have done some excess. Virtue is a commendable value, but in excess it can become suffocating. Taking a break also has benefits and we must not forget that leading a good lifestyle is a long-term task and must be sustained over time.

According to studies, most diet failures, in fact, are caused by a rebound effect. Nobody is bitter about a sweet on vacation, just when it becomes more complicated to look for that space to train because of the time disorder or we sleep and lie longer on the sofa.

Now, once we have returned to the routine, there are certain strategies that can help us raise the flow of energy and get rid of that kilo or couple of kilos of more earned these days off. The nutritionists consulted by ZEN assure that the torrijas so typical at this time are a very caloric sweet. Approximately they provide about 553 kcal per 230 grams, depending on their ingredients, although always with excessive sugars in the form of carbohydrates, and also protein and fat.

If we take into account that the energy expenditure of an adult per day is about 1,600 to 2,100 kilocalories for women and 2,000 to 2,500 for men, depending on morphology and lifestyle, with a single serving of torrijas we would already cover much of the daily energy we need and it is likely to generate a caloric surplus (ingest more than is spent).

In case of repeating ration, in addition, the peak of glycemia, the level of sugar in the bloodstream, is triggered a lot, which can cause hunger within a few hours and sometimes anxiety to take more sweet. "Hence, the best recommendation would be not to eat them," says Francisco Ruiz, CEO of CrossFit Coraje, Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport and Master in Direction and Management of Sports Organizations.


A CrossFit class is one of the high-intensity interval workouts that offer good results in caloric burning. HECTOR ESTEVEZ

Beyond the joke, and although he does not believe in the express bikini operation, as it has surely been impossible to resist, Ruiz proposes to put the batteries the rest of April with short high-intensity workouts. "The fastest formula for caloric burning is to exceed 80% of your maximum effort in a moderate time. Formulas such as AMRAP, from the acronym As Many Reps As Possible, which translated means "do as many repetitions as possible", for example, in intervals of 20 or 10 minutes, and where we include strength exercises with barbell, dumbbells or our own body weight. That would be one of the keys to maximizing our workouts at home or in the gym with a professional."

That is, even if we have little time, give in that space dedicated to physical activity our greatest possible effort. Of course, clarifies the specialist in CrossFit, precisely the sport that fits this type of very demanding training in very short intervals, "you can not remedy in two days the fact of having eaten a tray of torrijas". However, both High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or high-intensity training such as CrossFit and intense team sports, such as tennis and football, increase insulin sensitivity and reduce blood glucose, by increasing glucose uptake by the muscle. Sometimes, the energy demand during exercise is such that our body goes to the reserves of internal organs. And we can continue to burn up to 48 hours later due to the COPD effect, which we have already explained in ZEN.

We asked Ruiz for an example of AMRAP CrossFit training, which he advises always to do guided by a qualified instructor, especially if the technique is not mastered or it is a novice athlete.

AMRAP training 10 minutes (maximum repetitions in that time) of:

  • 10 squats
  • 9 dumbbell snatch with left arm
  • 10 push ups or push-ups
  • 9 snatch with right arm dumbbell (see video above)

The stimulus would be around the four or five rounds of the entire circuit. "Using heavy loads, with movements executed with good technique and as quickly as possible, is the secret to increasing caloric expenditure. Of course, with consistency in training, "ditches Ruiz.


Begoistas, a portal that proposes healthy menus, has its own nutritionists who recommend adding colors to dishes, making sure they have nutrients. EM

In addition to more vigorous physical activity, there are also tips that can be applied to the daily menu to improve intake and make it healthier. From Begoistas, the avant-garde healthy nutrition proposal of the Lluch sisters, they advise eating a rainbow in each menu. What does it mean? "Have five different colors on the plate for lunch and dinner for a week, to ensure you're taking whole grains, legumes, foods with high nutritional density, and vitamins in fruit and vegetables." In addition, they recommend deep hydration "through draining infusions and drinking water."

  • "Eliminate potentially inflammatory or irritating foods from the diet for a few days, such as red meat, processed foods, trans fats ... Also, make sure that all the ingredients on the labels are as healthy and natural as possible, "say the nutritionists of the platform.
  • "Replace these foods with others rich in fiber, such as vegetables and nuts, add spices such as turmeric, rosemary, garlic ... And he advocates mushrooms and fish with high Omega-3 content."
  • "Add quality probiotics or foods rich in these microorganisms (yogurt, miso, sauerkraut or kimchi) to help populate the gut with beneficial bacteria."
  • If you still have leftover torrijas, Ruiz slips that we should "ingest them during the hours of the day when we will make more caloric expenditure due to energy demand and never after six in the afternoon", at which time the body must already prepare for rest. Since at night they will pass directly into the bloodstream as a reserve. "The burning of the torrijas is difficult due to the little physical activity to which the body is subjected after certain hours, unless we have trained just before," he says. It is even advisable to walk at least 15 minutes after taking it, if possible, with a vigorous step through nature like Nordic walking.

    It is equally important to seek emotional and mental balance through rest, with a quality sleep free of screens, added to sport, which helps reduce stress levels and stop being inflamed by life. "No matter how well we train and eat, if we don't have good mental hygiene, our body won't function well. Having the knowledge of how we function internally will make us understand why it is not working as it should on the outside and we feel so tired and in a bad mood, "explains Ruiz.

    All changes are perceived, according to the coach, in a minimum of three months with perseverance and discipline. "But try to have as much fun as you can be CrossFit or another sport of choice," he concludes.

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