This year's Qingming box office exceeded last year's, and the national film market continued to pick up.

Data show that the total box office of the Qingming file (single day on April 2023) in 4 will exceed 5 million yuan, exceeding the total box office of Qingming file in 1 days last year. The top three films at the box office are "Journey to the Bell Bud", "Loyal Dog Hachiko" and "Super Mario Brothers Movie", of which the box office of "The Journey of the Bell Bud" exceeded 96 million yuan, surpassing "Your Name" to become the first box office of Japanese animated films in Chinese film history.

Some insiders said that the box office level of the Qingming file reflects the audience's strong viewing demand, and the release of the film shows that the film party is optimistic about the market increment of the schedule. April and May reserve films are also abundant.

The box office in the first quarter was nearly 160 billion yuan, and the Spring Festival films contributed about <>%.

According to the statistics of the National Film Special Funding Office, in the first quarter of this year, the national film box office (including service fees) reached 158.58 billion yuan, an increase of 139.75% over the 13.5 billion yuan in the same period of the previous year, but less than the 181.1 billion yuan in the same period of the previous year. Among them, the cumulative box office in January was 100.9 billion yuan, the cumulative box office in February was 2.38 billion yuan, and the cumulative box office in March was 61.3 billion yuan.

In the first quarter of this year, the average daily box office of national films reached 1 million yuan, which was the same as the average daily box office in 76, the highest annual box office in history. Taking the box office performance of 2019.2019 billion yuan in the first quarter of 187 as a reference, the box office performance in the first quarter of this year has recovered to about 85% of the pre-epidemic level.

As of press time, the total box office of the national film market this year is 165.5 billion yuan, with a total of 3 million tickets issued and a total of 55.3295 million performances. The top five films at the box office are "Manjiang Hong" (6.45 billion yuan), "The Wandering Earth 44" (2.40 billion yuan), "Bear Haunted, Accompany Me "Bear Core" (26.14 billion yuan), "Nameless" (92 million yuan), and "Deep Sea" (9 million yuan).

Boosted by the Spring Festival movie-watching boom, the annual box office exceeded the 150 billion yuan mark in less than three months, about two months earlier than the previous year. According to data from the National Film Administration, the box office of the 2023 Spring Festival file (January 1 to January 21) was 1.27 billion yuan. At present, the five leading films at the box office were all released during the Spring Festival, and the box office revenue of the five films totaled 67.58 billion yuan, accounting for about 119% of the total annual box office. Among them, only two films, "Manjiang Red" and "The Wandering Earth 1", contributed 70.2% of this year's box office revenue.

There are more than 100 films set to file, and the unpopular schedule shows a trend of recovery

According to the law of the market, the annual box office performance of movies mainly depends on the performance of several popular schedules. The first quarter is dominated by the Spring Festival file, the second quarter is dominated by the May 3st file, the third quarter is dominated by the summer file, and the fourth quarter is dominated by the National Day file. Therefore, the period from March to April between the Spring Festival and May 4st is recognized as the "unpopular period" in the industry.

What is different this year is that the popularity of the Spring Festival file is still continuing in theaters, and many Spring Festival movies have extended their release time. Previously, 6 films in the Spring Festival file were extended to late March. On March 3, "Manjiang Red", "The Wandering Earth 3", "Bear Haunted: Accompany Me "Bear Core" and "Deep Sea" announced that the key was extended to April 17 for the second time. On March 2, Nameless announced a second extension of the key to April 4. After the second extension of the key, the release time of the above five films will be nearly three months.

In addition to the Spring Festival movies, more than 2 new films are scheduled to be released from February to April this year, a new high in the past three years. According to Maoyan Professional Edition data, a total of 4 films were released in February, a total of 2 films were released in March, and the number of films currently scheduled for April has reached 32.

In February, the box office performance of new films was slightly weak, and the box office of imported films such as "Ant-Man 2: Quantum Frenzy", "Black Panther 3" and "Poisonous Tongue Lawyer" did not exceed 2 million yuan. The highest-grossing new films in March were the Japanese animation "Suzuya Journey" and the comedy "Keep You Safe" produced by Ruyi Film and Television (3.HK) and directed by Dapeng, which currently grossed more than 3 million yuan, ranking 0136th and 6th respectively at the annual box office.

A total of 4 new films were released before and after the Qingming file in April, and the schedule competition was fierce. There are "Space Exploration Editorial Department" produced by China Film (20.SH), Guo Fan Film, Maoyan Entertainment (600977.HK), iQiyi (IQ. O) Pictures, Hengye Pictures' "Loyal Dog Hachiko", Ali Pictures (1896.HK), Hengdian Film and Television (1060.SH) produced "Dragon Horse Spirit" and other popular domestic films, and "Titanic" and "Detective Conan: The Undead of Baker Street" classic imported films re-screened. In addition, "The King of the Long Sky" and "Life Road Unfamiliar" and more than ten May 603103st films cooperated by Tingdong Film and Ali are also officially scheduled for the end of April.

This year's movie box office is expected to exceed 500 billion

"This year's Spring Festival has basically laid the foundation for the recovery and prosperity of films throughout the year, and we expect a blowout retaliatory consumption trend in the Chinese film market in 2023." Zhang Yi, CEO and chief analyst of iMedia Consulting Group, told The Paper that the entire film and television industry is currently working overtime to prepare for several important schedules this year, and the competition is very fierce. For enterprises, being able to make good use of weekdays plus concentrated holiday stalls will be a better multi-product layout route for annual revenue.

Chen Jin, a data analyst at Lighthouse Professional Edition, said that this year's film is not only more evenly set, but also has a longer advance time, which is a great benefit to the market. In fact, the weekday file is also a valuable market resource, although it is not as explosive as the Spring Festival file and the National Day file, but the weekday file is very suitable for taking the box office long-term. On the whole, maintaining the rhythm of new films being released every weekend is very important for the sustained and benign development of the market.

For the recovery of the film market, Maoyan Research Institute analyst Liu Zhenfei is optimistic that under the continuous benign operation, the Chinese film market will usher in a more significant recovery than in the past three years. After 2020-2022, the number of moviegoers and per capita moviegoers in the Chinese film market has decreased by about 2023%. In the first half of <>, the number of film supply has increased significantly compared with the past two years. The orderly and stable operation of cinemas across the country has also provided stable recovery conditions for the market.

Capital Securities Research Report pointed out that the epidemic's suppression of movie demand will gradually fade in the second and third quarters. Looking forward to 2023, the domestic film market is expected to usher in a big year of content supply. May <>st and summer will gradually get rid of the impact of the epidemic. Driven by the supply of high-quality explosive content and popular schedules, the enthusiasm for watching movies is expected to be catalyzed, the demand for watching movies is expected to be substantially improved, the industry is expected to enter a positive cycle, and leading content production companies and theater leaders with sufficient reserves of high-quality content are expected to continue to benefit.

According to East Asia Qianhai Securities, combined with sufficient high-quality content on the domestic supply side, it is expected to usher in a recovery at the box office in 2023, and the production cost and production cycle are expected to be shortened, and the normal creation is expected to recover. It is predicted that the box office revenue of the film market in 2023 will be 546.2019 billion yuan, and the revenue recovery will reach 85.18% of the average box office level in <>.

Source: The Paper The Paper Reporter Qin Yixiao