Beijing, 4 Apr (Zhongxin Net) -- Recently, "The Road of Life" directed by the famous director Yan Jiangang was launched. The discussion of life choices, fate and other topics in the play once attracted enough attention.

The play is partly based on the novella "Life" by the famous writer Lu Yao, showing the ups and downs of the fate of young people in northern Shaanxi, such as Gao Garin, Liu Qiaozhen, Huang Yaping, Gao Shuangxing and others. Among them, Huang Yaping is played by actor Zhang Jiani.

In the past film and television dramas, Zhang Jiani has created Wang Ziling in "Another Curtain of Dreams", Shun Concubine in "Yanxi Raiders", Huang Rong in "Little Doctor" and many other roles, for her, the particularity and fun of the profession of actor is that she can feel different lives through each role she plays, and gain growth in them.

Zhang Jiani as Huang Yaping. Photo courtesy of the drama party

After a long time, talking about "The Road of Life", Zhang Jiani still has a lot of feelings, "Through this work, I am grateful to be able to cooperate with director Yan Jiangang and so many excellent rival actors and old actors." ”

As she wrote on Weibo, "I am very fortunate that I met "The Road of Life" and met Huang Yaping. ”

Huang Yaping, who longs for resonance

Compared with other young people in the play, Huang Yaping is somewhat special.

She grew up in Shanghai, studied professional dance since she was a child, and had an outstanding temperament, with the ideal of becoming a dancer, and with her father's job transfer, she came to the county again.

In order to take care of her sick father, she had to miss the college entrance examination, but did not choose to repeat it, but followed her father's arrangement and became a broadcaster in the county, and still insisted on practicing dance and reading.

The straightforward side of Huang Yaping's personality can be seen from her attitude towards Gao Garin: she appreciates Gao Garin's talent and takes the initiative to express her love to him, but this does not affect her choice of career, and she will still strive to realize her dreams.

Zhang Jiani has her own interpretation of this role: "She followed her father to northern Shaanxi, far from her homeland, her love of dance and literature, and her heart has always longed for spiritual resonance. ”

Zhang Jiani plays Huang Yaping. Photo courtesy of the drama party

It was at this time that Gogarin, who also loved literature, appeared, which rekindled the fire in her heart. "In the face of Gogarin, she never hides her appreciation and affection." Zhang Jiani said.

From the reality of life

"The Road of Life" was filmed for six months, and everything from the construction of the environment scene to the small details of life props tried to fit the plot. In order to show the rural style of northern Shaanxi in those years, the crew also went to Qingjian County and other places to shoot and looked forward to shooting in nearby mountain villages for a long time.

Huang Yaping danced well, and Zhang Jiani learned dance with the teacher in advance in order to meet the needs of the character. Among the various dance clips in the play, her most memorable is the scene where Huang Yaping dances on the ping pong table of Madian Primary School.

"We were shooting in real action, and I was on the Loess Plateau, with the flowing Yellow River behind me, the ping-pong table under my feet, and the sound of wind and music in my ears." Zhang Jiani said, "Shooting in such a scene, you will really sigh at the vastness of the mountains and rivers of the motherland. ”

In order to reflect Huang Yaping's "dancer" style, Zhang Jiani pays more attention to her posture when performing the role, and her waist and back are straight wherever she goes. In this way, through a scene in the class before the college entrance examination, it is easy to make everyone feel that Huang Yaping is different from others.

In "The Road of Life", Zhang Jiani plays Huang Yaping. Photo courtesy of the drama party

After the filming, Zhang Jiani was also deeply attracted by "The Road of Life", "Each character faces entanglements, struggles, and wanderings on their own life path... This is life, complex and real, and I like the truth that comes from life. ”

Experience different lives through characters

Since her debut, Zhang Jiani has played many roles, she compares them to her own children, and will not compare them, "How about these characters I have created, it should be left to the audience to judge." ”

After reading the novel "Life", she was very moved, "The book says that 'the road of life is not straight', and everyone faces ups and downs, entanglements and struggles. As an actor, I want to explore and interpret the complex and multifaceted aspects of human nature. ”

"As an actor, the books you have read, the roads you have traveled, the accumulation of your experiences, and your perception of life will become nourishment and nourish you on the road of actors." For Zhang Jiani, the particularity and fun of the profession of actor is that you can understand different lives through each role you play, and gain growth in them.

"That's why I'm constantly trying new roles, and I'll continue to run as an actor." She said. (End)