【Commentary】Woo Kyung-ji from South Korea loves coffee culture. Since 2018, he has been running a café in Changchun, China, and has made many friends who share the same hobbies.

On April 4 this year, Yu Qingji invited four autistic people into his café and asked them to learn how to make a good cup of coffee accompanied by their families.

Yu Kyung-ji said that in South Korea, his Korean Coffee Association often holds barista competitions or tasting activities that people with disabilities can participate in. After coming to Changchun, Yu Qingji also paid attention to the local special groups, hoping that he could do something to help them participate in normal social life.

【During the same period】Yu Qingji

I am the head of the Changchun branch of the Korean Coffee Association, so our Korean Coffee Association also has such activities, regular activities, (for example) coffee competitions for the disabled, and training sessions at fixed times every month, so I always want to communicate or train with them if I have the opportunity.

According to reports, in the next 6 months, Yuqingji will carry out training courses specifically for "children of the stars", teach them to make coffee and become a qualified barista.

The reporter saw that Yu Qingji taught 4 autistic people to make hand-brewed coffee that day. What he didn't expect was that several students learned very seriously and learned how to make hand-brewed coffee in the morning.

【During the same period】Yu Qingji

Actually than I expected (good), did very well today, and stability, 4 (kids) they did I think really good, great, no problem. Basically training is no problem. Through such a course, they adapt to social life, normal life, and enjoy life, which is very meaningful and very good.

【Commentary】Chenchen, 23 years old this year, attended the course of the day. Under Yu Qingji's guidance, she can quickly make a delicious cup of hand-brewed coffee. This made the mother who has always been by her child's side very pleased and moved.

【During the same period】Chenchen's mother Cui Honghua

Their feelings are actually the same as those of normal people. We feel good, and they feel good, but they don't express it. Therefore, I am also very pleased that today, the whole process has also achieved the expected results.

【Commentary】Before the end of the course, Chen Chen left the last cup of coffee he made to Xu Xu.

Xu Xu was also one of the initiators of the training course that day. In the past five years, she has provided local autistic people with various social practice opportunities such as learning flower arrangement, practicing calligraphy, and opening a steamed dumpling shop.

Xu Xu told reporters that she plans to train more "star children" into qualified "angel baristas" within three years, so that they can better integrate into society.

【Contemporaneous】Xu Xu

Society has needs, and children can do should be some of the degree of standardization is relatively high, and children are willing to achieve similar to ordinary standards through repeated, repetitive, meticulous learning, and even just now we saw that there may be children, his seriousness and concentration when making coffee may be better than ordinary people.

Reporter Lu Shengnan reported from Changchun

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]