Yinchuan, April 4 (Reporter Yang Di) "Falling in love with a country because of a language is really a wonderful experience. On April 2, "Charming Chinese, Reflecting Ningxia" At the final of the 4th Chinese Language Competition for International Students in China from Ningxia Universities, Bo An, an international student player from Cambodia, said.

In the afternoon of the same day, the "Charming Chinese, Reflecting Ningxia" Ningxia University Fifth Chinese Language Competition for International Students and the First International Students "Ningxia in My Eyes" Short Video Competition was held in Yinchuan, where 10 international student groups and 6 contestants from more than 10 countries, including Morocco, Laos, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe, Equatorial Guinea and Pakistan, participated in the competition to demonstrate their Chinese skills.

Perform Tai Chi. Photo by Yang Di

The competition is divided into team and individual competitions, covering Chinese cultural knowledge such as poetry, idioms, allusions, festivals, food, and Chinese characters. At the competition site, international student groups and contestants participated in competitions such as "Idiom Solitaire", "You Say I Guess", "Keynote Speech", "Knowledge Q&A" and "Chinese Cultural Talent Show", and told their experiences of learning Chinese and their experience of studying in Ningxia through recitation, singing, speech, playing, dancing, etc.

Nowadays, Chinese has become a bridge for many international students to understand and perceive China. Jin Yucheng, an international student from Indonesia who has only been studying Chinese for a year and a half, speaks fluent Chinese, "Chinese ancient poetry is very attractive to me, although sometimes I don't understand the specific meaning, but in the process of listening to ancient poetry, I can feel the beauty of the melody." ”

Match site. Photo by Yang Di

Ni Silin, an international student from Morocco, is very interested in Chinese dialects, and she learned a lot of local dialect vocabulary while studying and living in Ningxia. Now, she has also found love in Ningxia and has become a "Chinese daughter-in-law".

Wang Aisha, an international student from Turkmenistan who has been studying Chinese for five years, believes that Chinese characters are the most complex but interesting part of the Chinese language, "I hope to return to my hometown after graduation and become a Chinese teacher." ”

Match site. Photo by Yang Di

It is understood that the Chinese Language Competition for International Students from Ningxia Universities has been held for 5 sessions, which has become a platform for foreign students in Ningxia universities to display their Chinese proficiency and exchange Chinese learning experience, and at the same time build a communication bridge for Chinese excellent culture to the world. (End)