Shortly after 2 p.m. on the 7nd, a resident living nearby reported to the fire department that a fire was coming out of a house in Futaba-cho, Minami-ku, Yokohama City, and more than 30 fire trucks were out to continue fire extinguishing activities.

According to the police and fire department, a woman in her 40s is injured so far, but there is no difference in life.

The site is about 800 meters southwest of Bandobashi Station on the Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line, and is an area lined with condominiums and houses.

Flames burst out with a loud explosion...

Footage taken at around 7:25 p.m. by residents of an apartment building near the scene shows flames and lights spreading with a loud explosion, and smoke rising higher than surrounding buildings.

The man who took the photo said, "I heard a thud and when I went out to the balcony, there was a fire, and I was surprised by the loud sound that made me think that fireworks had been launched."

A fierce fire burns down the building, almost into a skeleton

This video was taken from the balcony around 50:7 p.m. by a man who lives in an apartment building about <> meters away from the scene.

The building is almost a skeleton, and firefighters are fighting the fire while the fire is burning violently, sometimes with a loud bang.

The office worker who took the photo said, "The noise was so loud that I could notice it even when I was inside the house, and when I looked outside, the house was burning red.