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  • Alejandro de Cádiz Return to the land of the fathers

A year and a half after publishing Sanz, his twelfth album (Universal), Alejandro Sanz renews his image and premieres three new songs: Volé, an introspective song with an Italianate sound; When, a romantic song of Sanz's of a lifetime, slightly flamenco, and Correcaminos a piece of urban, hesitant and charming, sung with the Venezuelan Danny Ocean and produced by the Barcelona Alizzz.

I wanted to start with the B sides. Volé has to do with the last album, it is partly a song against Alejandro Sanz.I have always given myself a lot of cane in many songs.¿With joy or with repentance and cruelty? No, not repentance, but... If there is regret at all, it is that of having harmed the child who brought me here, who believed, worked hard and was brave. I have done things to him that are wrong, but I also know that life is not a path of perfection, that life is made of mistakes and disenchantments and the result... Well, I'm not entirely unhappy with him. I won't ask you to list your worst moments, but could you summarize what that intimate disappointment part consisted of? That's the conversation with my therapist. In short, many times I put other people before what I needed and that has left me with damage. Sometimes you do it out of modesty, sometimes because you don't know how to say no. And then there are a thousand decisions, a thousand mistakes of youth.

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Alizzz: "C Tangana and I say many times, 'You'll see when people find out we have no fucking idea.'"

  • Writing: DARÍO PRIETO

Alizzz: "C Tangana and I say many times, 'You'll see when people find out we have no fucking idea.'"


Alejandro Sanz: "I saved myself from trouble because I was the one who played the guitar. The guitarist couldn't break an arm."

  • Writing: LUIS ALEMANY Madrid

Alejandro Sanz: "I saved myself from trouble because I was the one who played the guitar. The guitarist could not break an arm"And then he usually likes those songs against Alejandro Sanz? Yes. I was thinking that Cuándo, the second song, is more in that genre than Volé, because Volé, deep down, is a song written to give me freedom. Look, there have been many times in my life when I've broken up. I have broken with stages, with things, with problems that were entrenched in me... And sometimes I've done big damage. It has been my way of leaving the places where I was not comfortable. I have also broken up with myself many times, I have broken up with that guy who always puts on a good face and who is always right and who sometimes has me fed up. Volé is a way of explaining to myself that need, that way of reacting. I have come here by metro. And on a journey of eight stops, two women have appeared who sang to ask and to whom no one has paid much attention. And then, on the way from the station, each shop played its music to the street. Music that gives us all a little equal, right? I don't look at it with such pessimism. I mean, I realize the bad part. The individual choice of music has taken a back seat. The other day I saw Ignatius on the Evole Program talking about the algorithms that choose our tastes for us. That, in music, has happened before anywhere else. Music is a part of the landscape that is there even if it does not interest us. The ritual of music that we knew and that was of his value no longer exists and I am very sorry. But I also see a good part of all this change. Before, the process of publishing music consisted of locking you up for seven months to record 10 songs of which, if you did very well, there would be three that were heard something. The other seven were an effort thrown away. Now I think about it and I don't see much sense in it. Now I record songs with the express purpose that they can be heard. And when I'm 10, I put them together on a record. I think it's progress, really. The world is full of his colleagues who yearn to make records as a whole, with a thematic thread and a coherent musical sense. And I love it too, just as I loved the old ritual of buying a record, putting it on and listening to it until I know every last note. But you have to be pragmatic: few people do that anymore. I would like more to be done. What was not fair was to be between the two worlds as we were for years, to be between that culture of the record and the one of now in which the songs are heard one by one. If you think about it positively, this makes more sense. The bad part is that you don't have a concept to guide you. The good part is that you can work with more people, which is not an obsessive relationship with a producer... What do I know, you have to look for the positive to everything. Tell me about Road Runner, about the song. I like everything. I really like the symbol of the Road Runner: the one who chooses his path, bets on it and then nothing can stop him. Before someone told me that he preferred the Coyote because he was the loser and I guess it happens a little to all of us, but I wish we were more Road Runners. Then life is more complicated than going out beeping. But there is a difference between going out beeping anyway and having a goal and enjoying the road and the company. I've always been like that. I started with an album called Vivir deprisa. Danny Ocean is also like that, he is a peculiar uncle ... Have you listened to him carefully? It's different, completely. For the record, I've been doing what is called urban music for 20 years. Genres are not a problem for me, they are a blessing and I always think that you have to be open-minded and not lock yourself in. And within the urban there are things that I like and others that I don't. And Danny is very special. Well, since the word urban comes out: I imagine that the somewhat isolated life that he has had to live, going to Miami, not taking a subway because it would be a horrible mess ... I imagine all of that has to be a problem to be creative. Not missing inputs? That has been a risk that I have been aware of and that I have tried to avoid by leaning on some friends for many years. They did what they could with me, but there was information I was missing anyway, I know. For that I am striving to resume some customs: having the same place to have a coffee from time to time, going out to dinner there, stepping on the street more ... Going back to live in Madrid helps that, right? It helps a lot. Because Miami, or rather, the place where I lived in Miami, was like a fiction. Well, fiction is not the word, that was a complex and fucking reality like all, but returning to Spain also has that sense of breaking the tendency to isolation. Has the motion of censure followed, for example? I try not to find out much about the convulsive and daily information because I despair. I try but it is impossible to isolate yourself. Look, for that, Miami was great. It's not that I didn't care about the elections, some I lived intensely, but there was a distance that protected me. Deep down, I'm a big disenchanted politician. I feel a fatigue around the public discussion that always revolves around politics and not around the solution of problems. I don't know if it's a slightly naïve approach.How do you listen to music? On the phone especially, sometimes connected to speakers by bluetooth. On an iPad that I have connected to Spotify. And I have a record player and a collection of whiteboard records and things like that. And your relationship with music is stable and happy or do you have times of not picking up a guitar in three weeks and not wanting to listen to music? That happens to me. Many years ago I saw that Paco de Lucía was like that, that he spent months without playing. I had a love-hate relationship with the guitar that I couldn't understand. Then he would go on tour and he had to go into the studio to make stops like a rookie. It seemed incomprehensible to me and now I understand it perfectly after 30 years of disco-tour-disco-tour. Of course, there are times when you think, another album, for what? But then a song, a guitar, a studio appears to you and you see everything differently. Fear exists but I have been there many times and I know it is a matter of patience. Imagine that someone proposes to make a series like Bosé or Luis Miguel. Would there be drama or would they get a swim? Man, if we start looking, we would find some drama. And if it doesn't appear, it is invented. All lives can be counted as a dramon, right? It depends on the approach. You just have to be very sure of yourself to tell it that way. I don't think I would. The children... His parents are gone, are they? They are two holes in the heart that I have that are not filled with anything.

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