The annual "Sakura Festival" was held at the Toyama Prefectural Central Botanical Garden in Toyama City, and many families visited to enjoy the various types of cherry blossoms that were in full bloom.

At the Toyama Central Botanical Garden, there are about 120 varieties and 490 cherry trees, and 30 types are in full bloom at this time.

Among them, "Midorizakura" is characterized by beautiful yellow-green leaves of calyx and young leaves, and is also known to have been named by botanist Dr. Tomitaro Makino, the model for the protagonist of NHK's TV series "Ranman" that starts on the 3rd.

In addition, the cherry blossom called "Sendaiya", which Dr. Makino loved, is in full bloom with large dark pink petals and reddish-brown young leaves.

In addition, rape blossoms were in full bloom in the park, and you could enjoy the beautiful contrast with the colors of weeping cherry, and many new first-year students were seen carrying new school bags to commemorate their enrollment.

A woman in her 1s who visited from Imizu City said, "It has been difficult due to the Corona disaster, but I thought it was good that there were many people and it was full of a sense of openness."

During the "Sakura Matsuri" until the 70th, the closing time is extended until 4:9 pm, and you can enjoy the illuminated cherry blossoms at night after sunset.