• Anniversary 50 years of Weekly Report with the eyes of a veteran documentary filmmaker: "It is the backbone of the RTVE archive, blessed program"

"I was only a summer substitute more than 20 years ago ...", said Queen Letizia shortly after beginning her congratulations to the program Informe Semanal, which turns 50 years old and celebrated this Saturday with a special broadcast.

So surprising, the one who was a journalist for RTVE until she married the then Prince Felipe apologized for not "sneaking" a moment into the homes of viewers to remember that the veteran program of reports "contributed to the consolidation of democracy" and to "forge democratic values and transfer them to public opinion".

Letizia has not forgotten the "filmmakers, producers, editors, cameramen, journalists, reporters, those who are in the archive, in the image department, scriptwriters, technicians of all kinds", whom she thanked for their work, congratulated and said that they form a "virtuous network" that makes the program work.

"In my case, I tiptoed past and with the illusion of being able to see closely that newsroom that was always the dream of the students of Information Sciences. We all wanted to be reporters for Informe Semanal. I didn't make it but, at 50 years old, Informe Semanal was part and is part of my life. And everyone, no matter how old we are, knows what happens when we hear the tune that's going to play next. We all remember a moment that marked us in a special way and that Informe Semanal explained to us".

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