Nanjing, 4 Apr (Zhongxin Net) -- On 1 April, the "Purple Golden Blossoms -- Purple Golden Grass Volunteer Sharing and Exchange Meeting and Purple Golden Grass Cultural Dissemination Envoy Award Ceremony" was held in the Peace Square of the Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre of the Japanese Army Invading China. At the ceremony, the museum awarded plaques to more than ten universities and a number of well-known industry figures, encouraging more people to join the team of Zijin Grass volunteers.

The Purple Golden Grass Volunteer Service Team, named after the Purple Golden Grass, the flower of peace, has been established for nearly 30 years. Over the years, experts and scholars, medical staff, primary and secondary school students, international students... People from all walks of life have joined in, they are not afraid of the cold and heat, they are willing to dedicate, just to inherit and remember this history, and adhere to the peace of the present.

The director of the memorial hall awarded the plaque to the envoy of the dissemination of purple gold grass culture. Photo by Lu Bo

Imma, an international student at Southeast University, is proficient in Chinese, English, French and other Chinese, and has participated in calligraphy salon activities and hiking activities organized by the memorial hall. "The experience of volunteering at the memorial made me realize that peace is the foundation of a good life. After returning to China, I will introduce the history of the Nanjing Massacre on social platforms, share what I saw and heard in the memorial hall, and make Nanjing memory a memory of the world. ”

The Purple Golden Grass Volunteer Service Team, named after the Purple Golden Grass, the flower of peace, has been established for nearly 30 years. Photo by Lu Bo

According to statistics, the memorial hall currently gathers nearly 37 international volunteers from 400 countries and regions, and this international volunteer team is still growing. These international friends from all over the world use their own expertise and language to tell the history of Nanjing to the world through volunteer explanations, translation of historical materials, participation in international exchange activities and other ways.

"The February orchid under the ancient city wall, the wild grass flowers by the Vermilion Bridge, when the red plum was humiliated, the cedar was tortured and killed, it is you, the unyielding root whisker, holding up the falling starlight in the cold night..." In Peace Square, a group of peace messengers from Nanjing's Fangcaoyuan Primary School recited the poem "Purple Golden Flower" written by the poet Feng Yitong.

As the youngest group of Zijin Grass volunteers, this group of children from many primary schools in Nanjing with an average age of 10 years old used their spare time to make a piece of history "sound" in the memorial hall.

Liu Yanan, a teacher from Nanjing Fangcaoyuan Primary School, said: "Teachers and students formed a volunteer interpretation team together, and we felt a strong sense of mission, value and pride in the process of volunteering, and let the children know the responsibility, value and responsibility. ”

Jiang Lingye, 71, has been a Zijin Cao volunteer since 2019 and has dedicated almost all her holidays and weekends to volunteer work for four years.

A group of peace messengers from Nanjing Fangcaoyuan Primary School recited the poem "Purple Golden Flower" written by poet Feng Yitong. Photo by Lu Bo

In Jiang Lingye's mobile phone album, there are many moments when the audience visits, and each photo has a story, "This photo was taken yesterday in the exhibition hall, the father held the child, and the mother taught the child to write messages... This moment touched me so much that I recorded it on my mobile phone and gave the child the purple gold grass badge on my chest. "Moments like this happen every day, and it's these audiences that make me love volunteering." ”

The relevant person in charge of the museum said that he hoped that through the awarding of the Zijin Grass Cultural Dissemination Envoy and the joint construction of international volunteer service projects by the museum and school, more and more people from different industries, different nationalities, different colors and different ages would be encouraged to participate in the volunteer activities of the memorial hall, convey the vision of peace, and contribute to promoting Nanjing Memory to become the memory of the world. (End)