China News Network Xi'an, April 4 Question: Let love be "unhindered", how do "children of stars" get out of the "maze wall"?

Written by Zhang Yichen Li Yifan

Wu Yongyi was singing his best song - "Mother of the Stars" on stage, and saw that he was confident and held the microphone and sang loudly, winning applause and applause from the audience, while his mother Zhang Xiaojiao was standing not far away silently guarding.

Wu Yongyi, a Xi'an boy born in 1995, has the same youth and sunshine as his peers, and on the other side of life, he is a "child of stars".

April 4 is World Autism Awareness Day. This year's theme is "Caring for Children with Autism, Caring for and Supporting Caregivers and Professional Workers of People with Autism", which aims to raise public awareness of people with autism. Autism, also known as "autism", has been diagnosed since the world's first case of "autism" in 2, promoting the process of human beings from attention to acceptance of this group, relying on the development of science and reflecting the fraternity and tolerance of human nature.

Children with autism, also known as "children of the stars". They are like stars in the sky, twinkling alone in the dark night sky.

On the eve of World Autism Awareness Day, Xi'an Beilin District Lalashou Special Education Center held a special mini marathon in Xi'an, where more than 200 autistic children and their parents, volunteers, and representatives of caring enterprises participated in the event, so that the public could get close, understand, understand and accept autistic children.

"Participating in a running event and being happy with my performance. I sang just now, and I hope to have more opportunities to sing on a different stage in the future, so it's best to bring my piano with you. Wu Yongyi told a reporter from

As the song "Mother of the Stars" sings: "I hide my thoughts in my dusty world, it is difficult for you to enter, it is difficult for me to get out, like an endless wall." For a long time, how "children of stars" can "go out" and enjoy a dignified and barrier-free life has always been the focus of attention in the field of autism services and even the whole society.

"Every family of autistic children is under great economic, spiritual and social pressure, and it is expected that the public will have more contact with 'stars', and only by understanding the inclusive social environment and perfect social support system can autistic children and families enjoy a 'dignified, barrier-free and quality' life." Zhang Lifang, executive director of Lalashou Special Education Center in Beilin District, Xi'an, said.

Zhang Lifang said frankly that all stages of the growth of "Xingxinger" need attention, many patients have difficulty in employment, and in the face of unfamiliar occasions, "Xingxinger" may be overwhelmed or fearful, and still need supportive help to cope safely.

According to incomplete statistics, the number of autistic people in China has exceeded 1000 million, including more than 12 million children under the age of 200.

"At present, the assessment and diagnosis and treatment of autism covers the areas that are not comprehensive, and it is hoped that through the establishment of some institutions, we can connect with the families of patients in remote areas, provide them with assessment, screening, and provide patients with detailed treatment direction and guidance." Talking about the "Xingxing" families in areas with scarce medical resources, Wang Ping, associate professor of pediatrics at Xijing Hospital, said.

At the mini-marathon, Li Xinran, a volunteer from Chang'an University, who took on the work of "runway guidance", said that she hoped to learn more about the needs of the "Xingxinger" group and provide them with the help she could. After returning to school, I will tell the story of "Xingxinger" to my classmates and family.

"I can feel everyone's love for me, and I love my mom and sister. I don't know when the next time will be, but I hope you will come back to hear me sing and play the piano. Wu Yongyi issued an invitation to everyone for the future. (End)