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What do Paula Echevarría, Maribel Verdú, Rossy de Palma or Marta Hazas have in common? That they are actresses, 'check'; which are Spanish, 'check, check', and 'last but not least', which can all boast of good skin, better hair and a fit body that has a common 'culprit': Natalia de la Vega.

And who is Natalia de la Vega? She is the person behind Tacha, one of the most revered beauty centers in Madrid (in El Plantío, the original, and in Castellana, 60) and outside (she has also opened space in Marbella, at the Gran Meliá Don Pepe hotel).

It was almost 30 years ago, in 1995, when Natalia shaped her concept of integral beauty. Until then there was no space in Spain in which men and women had access to aesthetic services, aesthetic medicine, hairdressing, nutrition,... to achieve complete interior and exterior care.

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Being always up to date and up to date is one of the maxims of this businesswoman, and therefore she has traveled around the world to know, test, and test 'in situ' the best treatments and cosmetics of the most recognized international professionals, selecting only those who know will work for their clients.

Therefore, because it is the number one tester of everything that brings exclusively to its beauty centers in Spain. It is a reference when it comes to taking note of how the skin and hair are cared for. And what better to do it than by 'copying' the routines that she herself follows, at 59 years old.

Let's talk about the skin...

The skin in all its extension is one of the great occupations of Natalia de la Vega. "It's the biggest organ we have and it tells us a lot about how we're inside. If you have an allergy, pimples, acne or rosacea may have to do with the interior and you should know the reason for that problem, "starts the businesswoman.

Speaking in general terms and of all its extension, for the expert, who insists on her age (59 years), "it is essential to brush the skin with a natural bristle brush – in my case Barbara Sturm's – all over the body for five minutes, from bottom to top and in gentle circles by legs, abdomen, buttocks, arms, neckline, neckline." The goal? Activate blood circulation with a microexfoliation, which makes the skin much smoother, by the way. "Then I shower and when I leave I put on body cream of course because this skin has to be taken care of just like that of the face."

Continuing with the body, and although it sounds like something very heard, De la Vega insists on the importance of sport. "The human body is made to be moving. As we are losing muscle over the years and muscles are very important to age well, to protect our bones, be flexible and have strength, I think we should do different types of exercise: walking, some weights, flexibility and relaxation (yoga, for example, I love), "he says.

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Anti-aging facial routines at age 50

We continue in parts, like Jack the Ripper and it's time to talk about face and facial routines. Those of Natalia de la Vega, with a skin of 59 in perfect condition of magazine, go through gestures "immovable, I do not care to go to bed or get up at dawn," he stresses.

Thus, in the mornings, he does not renounce a cleanse followed by essences (in his opinion, better than tonics, to hydrate), serums (antioxidants, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid) and of course a protection factor. As he says, "hydration and the protection factor are basic to have good skin", something that dermatologists also maintain, we must take good note.

And at night? "At night I do double cleaning, essence, and I change products, but I always apply two serums, one of vitamin A (retinol and vitamin C, are the best combination to have beautiful skin) and my creams."

Good hair has its secrets...

Hair is the great forgotten if we talk about care in the opinion of Natalia de la Vega. Beyond the cut, color and hairstyle, which seems to be what worries us most, "he needs us to pay attention to him because he is subjected to many aggressions."

She in particular, one day a week, and as long as the next morning she goes to wash her hair, sleeps with a mixture of mask with a few drops of hair oil. "This deeply nourishes and maintains hydration," he says.

More? Do not give up using thermal protectors when using irons or dryers, and, when coloring work is done, always accompanies them with treatment, a blanket that they also follow in Tacha.

Some more beauty secret

In addition to everything reported, Natalia de la Vega defines herself as a fan of supplementation: "There are many people who think that if you eat healthy and well you do not need to take food supplements; I respect all opinions, but I recommend that it be tested and the results be seen."

He is also a practitioner of intermittent fasting, "I do it for 16 hours, from dinner to lunchtime I eat absolutely nothing."

Finally, she is also a user, 'of course', although not as much as she would like, of treatments in the cabin with appliances (radiofrequency, ultrasound): "This ensures that you are always in your best version, in your best 40, your best 50, your best 60 ...".

And, the final recommendation: "Go at least once a quarter to a beauty center to have a good cleaning, exfoliation and skin care with this type of technology."

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