April 2003, 4, April Fool's Day, a light rain fell in Hong Kong.

After the call between "brother" Leslie Cheung and agent Chen Shufen, he jumped down from the 24th floor of the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong and ended his life in the most decisive way.

Citizens put flowers in front of the Mandarin Hotel Hong Kong to mourn Leslie Cheung. Photo by Dai Xiaoyu

Fan: If I went to see you, I would definitely run over with flowers

On April 2023, 4, the 1th anniversary of Leslie Cheung's death, countless fans and fans lined up for tens of meters in front of the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong with flowers, paper cranes and heart cards, braving the rain to mourn the man with a gentle smile and a beautiful face.

Among them, there are foreign fans who have crossed the sea to Hong Kong, mainland tourists who have taken more than ten hours of transportation just to personally deliver their "brother" heart cards, there are children who are less than one meter tall, and there are white-haired old people who stagger on crutches.

Ms. Li, the "brother fan" of the Wuxi Fan Association, couldn't help humming Leslie Cheung's "The Wind Continues to Blow" when interviewed by a reporter from the China News Agency, she said that she grew up listening to Leslie Cheung's songs, from 2004 to the present, every year will go to Hong Kong to participate in Leslie Cheung's commemoration activities, "My brother once asked fans, will you remember me a lot, I am not a greedy person, I hope that if a friend asks you, who are the Hong Kong singers in the 80s, you can mention me a little, I will be very satisfied." Ms. Li choked up and said that in fact, every April day in the world, everyone will always think of him, "There is no way to come to Hong Kong during the epidemic, I just watch his movies over and over again at home, listen to his songs, I always feel as if I watch more movies, listen to more songs, I can get closer to him." ”

Miss Ji, 32 years old this year, is a fan of Leslie Cheung, she told reporters that the first time she heard Leslie Cheung's name was when she was in middle school, "At that time, I was relatively young, I didn't know much about Leslie Cheung, I only remember watching TV, the news said that Leslie Cheung died, a generation of superstars fell, everyone was sad, very regretful, very sorry, I remembered the name, and then curiously went to check his information, at first went to the downstairs video store to rent a disc "Qiannu Ghost". Miss Ji said that a look back at Ning Caichen in the film made her fall in love with Leslie Cheung's unparalleled style, "I have watched more than 60 movies, watching my brother acting, you won't feel that he is acting, and unconsciously bring you in." Later, I went to watch my brother's interview program, and others are very good, and they are irreplaceable good. ”

In the sea of long flowers tens of meters at the memorial site, two children are particularly conspicuous, their father Li Lingwu said that this year is the 20th anniversary of Leslie Cheung's death, and he specially brought his two children and more than 50 fans of the Henan Rong Fan Association from the mainland to Hong Kong, "We just got tickets for tonight's Leslie Cheung Memorial Concert, this year is particularly special, it is 20 years after my brother's death, and everyone came to Hong Kong in a group." Mr. Li told reporters that his 7-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter are both fans of Leslie Cheung, "My son and I like to listen to "Love of the Year" the most, not only because the songs are good, but also because we love to watch the movie "The True Color of Heroes", he is the eternal brother." ”

On April 4, the 1th anniversary of Leslie Cheung's death, flowers were placed in front of Mandarin Hotel Hong Kong. Photo by Dai Xiaoyu

Friend: He always wanted to make everyone happy, but kept his sadness to himself

On the day of the 20th anniversary of Leslie Cheung's death, in addition to a group of "brother" fans, Leslie Cheung's former friends also posted nostalgia on social platforms, and even relived Leslie Cheung's classic golden songs by holding different exhibition activities and concerts.

Before the start of "Continue to Pamper • Twenty Years • Concert" held at the Hong Kong Coliseum (commonly known as the "Red Hall") that day, Hong Kong artist Maria Cordero "Fat Mother" was interviewed by reporters, recalling her relationship with Leslie Cheung, she said with a smile, "Leslie Cheung is very good, he has never had a shelf, and treats friends' affairs as his own." She said that Leslie Cheung is always so sunny in front of everyone, always caring and loving everyone, and what impressed her the most was Leslie Cheung's smile, "He loves to make everyone laugh and always makes everyone happy." ”

"Fat Mom" mentioned that when she learned of Leslie Cheung's accident 20 years ago, her first reaction was that it was an April Fool's joke, "I was very angry and scolded them and said, don't make this kind of joke, it's not fun at all." The fat mother said that she was sad for a long time, "others are too good, always taking care of others, making people happy, leaving sadness and sadness to themselves, this is too hard." ”

Hong Kong actor Wen Xueer, who had collaborated with her "brother" Leslie Cheung on many TV series in the early years, told the China News Agency reporter that she and Leslie Cheung met when they were filming the TV series "Huanhua Washing Sword Record" in 1978, "He is Fang Baoer, I am a little princess, we were still called 'screen couples' at that time, when I first met him, I thought how someone could be so beautiful, more beautiful than a girl." But not just beautiful, he's a very savvy actor. After that, the two co-produced many dramas such as "Sunshine in the Rain" and "The Sequel to Ouchi Qunying", and their friendship also extended from the play to the outside of the play, "At that time, when he was young, everyone started work and played together, and he was a happy person who laughed often. Wen Xueer said that she likes Leslie Cheung's "Monica" the most, "Every time I hear this song, I think of the funny, happy, and humorous Leslie Cheung, and I hope he is all right in another world." ”

"Continue to Pamper Leslie Cheung Memorial Exhibition" held in Hong Kong. Photo by Li Zhihua

Chunfeng still remembers him: We love Leslie Cheung because he is good

Near April, Hong Kong is full of "brother" color, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum held the "Continue to Pamper Leslie Cheung Memorial Exhibition", Leslie Cheung's former agent Chen Shufen curated "Continue to Pamper • 4 Years • Concert", MTR also cooperated with art magazines to present "You in My Heart Leslie Cheung 20 Years of Creation Exhibition" to passengers at MTR Hong Kong Station, and Leslie Cheung's Universal Record also held "Want Leslie Cheung Tribute Concert" on April 4... Some people can't help but ask, why after 1 years, everyone still misses Leslie Cheung so much?

Actually, the answer is simple, because he is good.

The famous Hong Kong lyricist Huang Xiao once described Leslie Cheung as follows: "He respects his predecessors and loves his juniors, and he has never seen a famous artist cherish his juniors as much as he did." ”

The famous mainland movie star Mei Ting missed Leslie Cheung across time and space many years later, she still remembers the love and help of that senior, and if you really understand Leslie Cheung, you will find that his charm is not only that he cares about friends, but the love and respect for everyone he meets.

The commemorative publication "35 Years Together" published by the Hong Kong United Hospital once recorded the story that in 1988, a 19-year-old boy named Shengzi in Hong Kong had terminal bone cancer and had only a few weeks to live. The nurse learned that he wanted to see Leslie Cheung before he died, so she helped to call the radio for help. After Leslie Cheung learned the news, he went directly to the hospital to visit Shengzai and sent his autograph CD and photos. According to the recollections of the nurse on duty at the time, Leslie Cheung even promised to talk to Shengzai on the phone every day until Shengzai died, and Leslie Cheung called the ward to care for Shengzai when he was free. Later, Leslie Cheung also quietly sent flowers to Shengzai's funeral...

Now, on April 4st of another year, the phrase "brother" comes to mind again: "If a friend asks, I only hope that you will mention me a little, I will be very satisfied." "Twenty years have passed in a hurry, and in these more than seven thousand days and nights, I believe that everyone who has been illuminated by him has never forgotten him.

Reporter Dai Xiaoyu

(China News Network WeChat public account)