Beijing, 4 Apr (Zhongxin Net) -- "The wind continues to blow, and I can't bear to stay away. "Another year, missing Leslie Cheung.

Every year, we ask, why do we still miss our brother?

The final answer is always, he deserves it.

Today, we have compiled twenty stories about Leslie Cheung, maybe you have seen it, maybe it is the first time you have heard of it, and I hope to get closer to him from these small fragments.

Leslie. Source: Screenshot of the "For Your Love" video


In 1977, 21-year-old Leslie Cheung was pulled by a friend to participate in the Asian Song Contest held by Li's TV, carrying 20 yuan handed to him by the maid Sixth Sister, taking the tram all the way to Central, taking the Star Ferry across the sea, and then taking the bus to the TV station, paying 5 yuan in the registration fee, singing a song "American Pie", and finally advanced all the way, and finally won the runner-up in Hong Kong and officially debuted.


The young Karen Mok witnessed Zhang Guo's debut when he won the award. At that time, Karen Mok was often taken by the mother of a TV executive who was a high-ranking TV official to present flowers, and she described her brother dressed in white as a handsome "Prince Charming", and felt sorry that he did not get the first place. Later, she always said, "I'm sure I'm the world's first 'brother fan'!" ”

Karen Mok recalls Leslie Cheung. Source: Video screenshot


Leslie Cheung loves to play mahjong, and once played for seven days and seven nights on the New Year, and some people came to greet the New Year and said "Wishing you prosperity" before playing. He also gathered a group of friends to hold the "National Glory Cup" mahjong tournament, for which he created a special trophy. In 2021, the champion Su Shihuang launched the "'Guo Rong Cup' Self-Challenge" to encourage everyone to strive to break through themselves, and finally gave the "Guo Rong Cup" to a fan.

Su Shi Huang posted a group photo of the "Guo Rong Cup" mahjong match. Source: Weibo screenshot


Around 1986, the Hong Kong music scene gradually formed a situation of "Tan Zhang fighting for hegemony", and the fans of the two were even more inseparable. At the Golden Melody Awards Ceremony for one year, Alan Tam did not come to the scene in Australia, Leslie Cheung went on stage to receive the award, but the audience booed. Halfway through the song, he stopped and said, "Some people get a little achievement, and it takes a short time. Some people take longer to get something, but at least I get what I get now, I took it very carefully. ”


In 1989, Leslie Cheung announced his retirement from the music scene and held 33 farewell concerts in the Red Hall, and countless people burst into tears. At that time, he promised fans that he would open a coffee shop in the future, and everyone could exchange their concert ticket stub for their first free coffee. Seven years later, Leslie Cheung really fulfilled his promise and opened a coffee shop.

On March 3, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum "Continue to Pamper Leslie Cheung Memorial Exhibition", "Brother Fans" enjoyed the exhibition of Leslie Cheung's vinyl records and other exhibits. Photo by Li Zhihua


In Canada, Leslie Cheung spent some leisure time in the sea and sky, and occasionally a deer stole a neighbor's flower, which he named "Bambi". But later, his residence in Vancouver became a tourist attraction, and one day he was smoking on the balcony when he noticed a tour group outside, and the guide was saying, "That's Leslie Cheung's house!" ”

Leslie. Source: Screenshot of the video of "Across the Seas"


Before filming "Farewell My Concubine", Leslie Cheung had never been in contact with Peking Opera, and Chen Kaige had found a stand-in for him, but Leslie Cheung practiced hard every day, with a drama in every move, and his understanding was extremely high. Peking Opera masters Zhang Manling Shi Yansheng and his wife are Leslie Cheung's instructors, one day, Shi Yansheng arrived on the set early and found that Leslie Cheung was already pressing his legs, his face was red, "It's okay, I'm sweating and training." I later learned that he had a fever of more than 39 degrees and was still practicing.

Leslie Cheung practiced on set. Source: Video screenshot


In 1993, "Farewell My Concubine" premiered in Shanghai, which was Leslie Cheung's first visit to Shanghai. When interviewed, he laughed and said, "Looking at the previous dramas, I feel that Shanghai is a very beautiful place, so I am a very beautiful person, so I am very suitable." ”

Leslie. Source: Video screenshot


Just getting along for more than a month when making the movie, Leslie Cheung and Zhang Manling Shi Yansheng became a year-end friend, visiting every time they went to Beijing, and the two were even more warmly welcomed to Hong Kong. Later, learning that Shi Yansheng was suffering from cancer, Leslie Cheung flew to visit, sat on the bench and coaxed his mentor to eat egg soup: "The two of us are one and a half, you eat a bite, I will eat a bite, see which of us eats more..."

Peking Opera artist Zhang Manling recalls Leslie Cheung. Source: Video screenshot


In 1995, Leslie Cheung released the album "Pampering" and returned to the music scene. In 1998, Rolling Stone held a grand renewal press conference for him, there was a check handover ceremony, in the face of the blank check written by Rolling Stone, Leslie Cheung first wrote a "4", when everyone guessed the price code behind, only to find that he wrote the word "love".

Leslie Cheung renews his contract with Rolling Stones. Source: Video screenshot


There was a 19-year-old patient with advanced bone cancer named "Shengzai", and his biggest wish was to meet his idol Leslie Cheung. Later, Leslie Cheung really came to the hospital quietly with a signed record, not only gently comforting fans, but also promising him to talk on the phone every day, the only condition is to keep it secret. It wasn't until the hospital published a book in 2009 that everyone knew about it.


One day, a young man was smoking on the balcony of the radio when suddenly a husky voice came from behind: "I can quit smoking, and you can quit too." Your voice is so good, you have to love it. Before he could react, his brother had already walked away dashingly. Later, the young man sang the song of the idol with tears in his eyes at the concert, he was Eason Chan.

Eason Chan recalled Leslie Cheung at the concert. Source: Video screenshot


In 2000, Leslie Cheung held a number of "Hot Love" concerts, he personally served as the artistic director, with a bold and avant-garde look, and vividly interpreted the two sides of the same body of angels and demons. At the concert, he told the audience, "The most important thing for people is that you know how to love others, and the most important thing is that you recognize and appreciate yourself." ”

On March 3, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum held the "Continue to Pamper Leslie Cheung Memorial Exhibition". Photo by Li Zhihua


Everyone knows that Leslie Cheung Anita Mui is in love with brothers and sisters, director Guan Jinpeng recalled that when he filmed "Rouge Button", Ruhua's first choice was Anita Mui, and the twelve young people were none other than Leslie Cheung, but at that time the two belonged to different companies, Anita Mui slapped her chest, I went to make a movie for them in New Art City, and changed Leslie Cheung into "Rouge Button"!

Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui. Source: Screenshot of the "Rouge Button" video


In 2002, Leslie Cheung gave a speech at the Humanities Museum of New Asia College of Chinese University in Hong Kong, sharing his experience in roles such as Twelve Young Men and Cheng Dieyi, "I thought that an actor should have no hesitation in creating life for his role, so that the actor can shuttle through different lives and make the character come alive truly and vividly.

Leslie. Source: Screenshot of the "New Beach" video


Leslie Cheung once joked that he and Wong Kar-wai "did not match", filming "A Fei Zhengzhuan" he and Andy Lau ran wildly at the train station, filmed "East Evil and West Poison" was stung by a scorpion to the neck, filmed "Spring Light" contracted amoeba virus in Argentina, and only got through the difficulties with the help of Tony Leung. After this disaster, he sighed: "I think I will cherish a lot, life, friends." ”

Leslie. Source: Video screenshot


2002's "Different Space" was the last film shot by Leslie Cheung during his lifetime, but the producer and screenwriter Er Dongsheng will not watch it again. He knew that Leslie Cheung was afraid of heights, and a scene of jumping off a building was filmed for more than an hour, and he still did not dare to take a step with a rope. Later, he always wondered if his brother's idea of standing by the building was established by making this movie, "I don't know how, I'll ask him in the future." ”

Er Dongsheng recalled Leslie Cheung. Source: Video screenshot


Also sealing his work in the box is director Tsui Hark. At that time, he had made an appointment with Leslie Cheung to make a movie "Mr. Wang", obviously said to meet at 10 o'clock, but received a call at 7 o'clock, did not have to go tonight, Mr. Leslie Cheung passed away. "Mr. Wang" will not be filmed again, "I don't know who to play this role, and I can't play this character." ”

Leslie. Source: Screenshot of the "Indulgence" video


In "The True Story of A Fei", Leslie Cheung told the story of a "footless bird", this bird can only go to the ground once in a lifetime, that is when it dies. Later, many people would think of the departure of their brother. But director Wong Kar-wai never thought that "he is a bird fell", "After leaving for so many years, everyone still has such a deep impression of him, so he actually continues to fly." ”

Leslie. Source: stills from "A Fei's True Story"


In 2013, at the Leslie Cheung Memorial Music Gala, Tony Leung, who sat alone on the stage, said:

"I want to tell you that not long after you left, I still had your phone number on my phone.

Once I accidentally pressed the wrong number on your number, and then I heard a familiar voice: Please leave a message.

I left a message on the phone, and I said: Let's start over. (End)

Tony Leung recalls Leslie Cheung. Source: Video screenshot