The ban on white shrimp fishing, also known as the "jewel of Toyama Bay," was lifted on the 1st, and the first auction was held at the fishing port of Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture.

White shrimp are mainly caught in Toyama Bay, and are also called the "jewel of Toyama Bay" because of their transparent pale pink appearance, and the fishing ban is lifted on April 4 every year.

At the Shinminato Fishing Port in Imizu City, the boat returned after 1 a.m., and a basketful of fresh white shrimp was landed one after another.

The white shrimp were about 4 to 5 centimeters smaller, and when they were landed, they were auctioned off on the spot and auctioned off by middlemen.

According to the Shinminato Fisheries Cooperative Association, the weather was good and the waves were calm on the first day, so the catch was plentiful with about 1.2 tons landed.

In addition, for the past three years, the demand related to eating out has decreased due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and the price of white shrimp has also fallen, but demand is expected to recover this year.

The owner, Kazuhiro Noguchi, said, "Today is like a New Year's day for white shrimp fishermen, and I would like people from all over the country to come to Toyama and eat white shrimp."

The white shrimp fishing reaches its peak season from July to August and lasts until the end of November.