Xining, March 3 -- Topic: Zhang Junhua, a cadre who aided young people: Improving people's livelihood and uniting people's hearts are the starting point and foothold

China News Network reporter Li Jiangning

In March, the sun is already shining brightly in Beijing, while Zaduo County, Qinghai's Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, located at the source of the Lancang River, is still snowing.

Zhang Junhua, a cadre appointed by the national health to aid youth, has been working in Zaduo County for more than half a year, and for more than half a year, the mountains and valleys here have left Zhang Junhua's footprints, and it has also given him a deeper understanding of the land under his feet: Zaduo is an important water conservation area of the three river systems, rich in natural resources and tourism resources, it is the closest channel into Tibet in Qinghai Province, and it is also the source of the Lancang-Mekong River, with a long history and culture.

Zaduo County is located in the southwest of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province, is the farthest county from the provincial capital Xining City, with an area of 3,55 square kilometers, a total population of only 7,4, an average altitude of 4290,<> meters, and a cold climate throughout the year. When Zhang Junhua first arrived on the plateau, he was severely opposed and often had insomnia. Many local cadres and people also have high reaction, and even diseases such as high-altitude heart disease and abnormal high-altitude blood pressure are very common, and every year cadres fall to work.

Qinghai is a strategic place for stabilizing Xinjiang and consolidating Tibet, Qinghai bears great responsibility for national ecological security and sustainable national development, and the central government will increase support for Qinghai and other Tibet-related areas, help Tibet-related prefectures and counties improve infrastructure, strengthen ecological protection, guarantee and improve people's livelihood, and let the people live a better life. "We, the cadres aiding youth, should focus on the people's livelihood issues such as medical and health care, which are of general concern to the masses, and take improving people's livelihood and uniting people's hearts as the starting point and foothold of the work of aiding youth." Zhang Junhua said.

Zhang Junhua told reporters that to publicize health knowledge in Zaduo, we must not only talk about theory, but also have health products. To the common people to promote "wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet", the truth is understood, but there is not even running water in the local area, how to wash it?

Last year's National Day and this year's Spring Festival, Zhang Junhua took a vacation in Beijing, but he was busier than when he went to work, he did not care about accompanying his family and going for personal examinations, he successively visited UNICEF, China Women's Foundation, Hanhong Foundation, COFCO, Ali Group, Ant Group and other public welfare organizations and caring enterprises, actively striving to establish a counterpart support mechanism in the field of medical and health and other people's livelihood, focusing on the concept of "big hygiene, big health", focusing on key small things such as "hand hygiene", and actively won more than 600 million yuan in project funds.

"If I run one more step and sharpen my mouth, for the villagers in the pastoral area, it may mean the solution of the 'old and difficult' problem." Zhang Junhua said.

The health care of the herdsmen concerns Zhang Junhua's heart. The geographical location is remote, the natural conditions are harsh, the infrastructure construction is weak, the gap between public services and inland areas is obvious, the people's hygiene habits and healthy lifestyles need to be improved, and the incidence of endemic diseases is high.

On March 3, Zaduo County organized a health knowledge popularization and Women's Day condolence activity. Zhang Junhua publicized popular science knowledge such as common gynecological diseases, prevention and treatment of common gynecological diseases for the women at the scene, and guided the masses to enhance their self-health awareness and develop a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the activity, the masses thanked Comrade Zhang Junhua for the daily chemical supplies coordinated and offered him hada one after another.

Zhang Junhua told reporters that part of the relying on the dispatching units, the Rural Revitalization Office of the National Health Commission coordinated UNICEF, Health News, Chinese Welfare Foundation, China Foundation for the Development of the Ageing, Shanghai Fosun Foundation, etc., to donate ventilators, ECG monitors, acupressure oximeters, rehabilitation equipment for the disabled, cotton clothes and quilts and other materials worth more than 300 million yuan to Zaduo County.

Looking through Zhang Junhua's circle of friends, the most is to introduce the miscellaneous scenery and scenery and some problems and difficulties encountered in the lives of the masses. "My circle of friends has nearly 6000,<> friends and is a small new media platform." Zhang Junhua said, "I continue to post miscellaneous news in the circle of friends, on the one hand, to promote and promote Zaoduo, on the other hand, to seek support. ”

After the person in charge of Hanhong Foundation learned about the shortage of grassroots medical personnel in Zaduo County in Zhang Junhua's circle of friends, he took the initiative to provide a three-month training opportunity for Zaduo County; After learning that Zhejiang Smile Tomorrow Charity Foundation lacked basic daily chemical products, he took the initiative to donate a batch of daily chemical products such as shampoo, toothpaste, shower gel, and skin care products, worth 3,76 yuan. The China Women's Development Foundation and Ant Group took the initiative to include Zaduo County in the 'Come on Magnolia' project, providing free "education + medical care" public welfare guarantee for more than 5,1 women who have been lifted out of poverty in Zaduo County.

Zhang Junhua told reporters that with these funds and donated materials, the work will be carried out more smoothly. "I hope that through my efforts, the herdsmen of Zaduo can live a healthier, more modern and happier new life, and I also believe that the development of this plateau town will definitely get better and better." (End)