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At 21:15 p.m. on Friday, Eros Ramazzotti (59) appeared on stage at the WiZink Center in front of an enraged crowd. The Italian began singing songs from his latest album Battito Infinito. But, at the fourth song, he decided to start singing in Spanish, which motivated much of the audience to stand up. In that way, Ramazzotti called on his fans to approach the bars. However, he never thought it would cause a real "revolution" (as he called it).

For more than five songs, the audience enjoyed very close to the singer, who even hugged dozens of followers. But security quickly intervened and tried to disperse the crowd. Something the artist didn't agree with. "This is not a problem for me, leave them," he said, in the first instance, and peacefully.

However, seeing that security insisted on kicking out his fans, Ramazzotti opted to stop the show. During If a couple of songs were enough, Eros silenced his band and took the microphone to speak. "For the security guys: people are here to have fun, not to do anything. I'm leaving!" he said, and then went out to his dressing room.

After three minutes away, Ramazzotti returned to the stage and tried to reason with the three parties involved: security, fans who insisted on remaining standing and those sitting in the front rows, who - having paid a large amount of money - were annoyed by the lack of visibility. "Let's talk!" he finally said.

"The problem with security is that it doesn't treat people well. For me, getting close is not a problem. If you want them to sit, it must be without touching them. You can make people sit down, but not like this. Without touching, without doing anything else," he explained, with obvious anger. Despite this, he received applause from all quarters and waited patiently for things to calm down.

Four songs later, there were no more people standing on the tracks, only people sitting on the chairs. However, it seemed that the singer missed the fuss. What's more, he approached the front row and asked them "is this okay yet?" with a mocking tone. Still, the concert continued without major incidents... But only for 15 minutes. Because during his song Promised Land, the Italian decided to jump the fence, walk to the center of the track and seek, again, the embrace of his fans.

"Madrid, I love you very much. Ti voglio bene," he said, as people ran back to the bars. But, this time, Eros chose to stop the crowd. "Sit down, please. Or security kills me. It's that it kills me," he said with a laugh, and then continued playing emblematic songs. Among them, Now you.

After the "incidents", the concert continued for more than 40 minutes, in which Ramazzotti enjoyed with his musicians, recalled his classics in Spanish and sang real hymns, which moved the WiZink Center. For example, Another like you, Fire in the fire -with which the whole audience began to dance-, A second of peace and The most beautiful thing, with which ended the recital that, this Sunday, will be repeated at the Palau Sant Jordi, in Barcelona.

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