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The complicity of Álex Adróver (Mallorca, 1979) and Patricia Montero (Valencia, 1988) is such that one completes the sentences of the other, while looking into each other's eyes and smiling. They even shake hands to pose in the portrait that illustrates the interview. The couple of actors, yogis and parents of two girls, Elisa (2015) and Layla (2019), fell in love in 2008, filming the series Yo soy Bea. " We are very normal, we have our moments of stress and our anger, like everyone else. Yoga makes us better educators of our daughters and helps us in the relationship. For us it is also a way of reconciling," says Montero.

"It's not easy," adds Adróver, but they believe in the value of taking care of themselves in order to care. "So we can give our best in our parallel work. The better you know yourself, the better you can create. We are both very active, every day we get twice as much with the hours we have, although the priorities are always clear: family and being in the present. "

Without a doubt, they are multifaceted. The confinement gave them to write Alegres y felizs: tres cuentos to learn to love themselves, found a faithful yoga community, Yogimi, through live on Instagram and devised their own brand that began with an order of 50 mats. "I taught live on Instagram while Alex held the camera and controlled the girls from behind. None of this was planned. We are very intuitions and letting ourselves flow," says Montero.

"A lot of girls asked her what mat to buy and even she wasn't entirely convinced, so I encouraged her with a 'what if?'" recalls Adróver. All designed by the tandem, with beautiful messages and even aroma in the packages. "I got him hooked on yoga and a cheese and a wine gave the project a name," she continues. The 'yogi', without gender, alludes to the fact that yoga is for everyone and as they are popularly known, yogis. The mi, as if it were wearing a tilde, clarifies Montero, represents the union with oneself. That connection that does not come out of the temple that is the mat, he explains. "There was never an intention of a business, although we create more and more products, because once you get into a sport, you become more professional." They have blocks, belts, cushions (zafú), necklaces of beads to meditate with each breath...


Patry Montero doing an 'asana' or yoga pose.

The actress came to yoga 12 years ago with a back injury. "I got stuck on the set of a series and I couldn't move," she slips. During the rehabilitationof his herniated disc, the physiotherapist recommended the practice and told him that it would come in handy. "I was a bit skeptical, although I had always been an athlete, since I was 6 years old I did acrobatic dance professionally. I've also always loved fitness and I've done high-impact sports, like boxing. But the image I had of yoga was of incense and Buddha, so mystical ...", says the actress.

That's why he first approached the most active types of yoga, such as Vinysa and Hot Yoga with heat. "I thought I was going to get bored and yet I picked up everything that made me feel good and learned a lot about breathing. Two weeks later, on set I was told what I was doing that I had great skin and, of course, it was yoga." But what helped him most, he reveals, was his own attitude.

"The mental part that is worked. I saw that I was less angry, that I was in a better mood even in a traffic jam, accepting what was happening to me." And so he was hooked until he even wanted to train professionally. "I became a yogi but I call it the XXI century thanks to all the tools that this wonderful discipline gives you."

Adróver agrees with him: "What catches me about Patry, apart from being madly in love with her, is that she leaves the typical instructor who puts you to sleep as soon as you start. It is super energetic, natural and close. As if your cousin or your friend taught you yoga. You don't have to think about whether you're on your period or if today is the full moon, but everyone adapts the practice to their day." She continues, "I like to say it teaches you to be more mindful because it's not just the pretty poses you see on Instagram or having incredible flexibility. That's a myth."


The actors, 'yogis', parents and entrepreneurs.

The little ones already imitate them. "Example is the best thing you can give your daughters. The eldest guide the little one in a meditation and you die of love, "says the proud father.

"At home you eat everything, there have never been different menus," they say about their MasterChef facet. "We tried to make the dishes fun, present broccoli as a tree, but they are still girls and eat sweets, chocolate and pizzas from time to time. We are not radical in anything, we believe in balance. Sinning from time to time is also healthy," Montero says.

His hernia has not disappeared, because "yoga does not cure by magic," he admits, but it has improved a lot. "It helps me feel better than ever and the injury doesn't limit me at all." Now, says her partner, "it is her physio who recommends Patricia's classes to people who get injured." He has a student who has become a friend. A fan who follows him everywhere. "I have accompanied many people with pathologies. I have a case, Sori, who due to heart disease could not even climb stairs and based on perseverance and the values of yoga has achieved such good results that she will even become a teacher. "

To those who start they recommend a good instructor, in fact. "With good guidelines for the person to adjust alone, approaching the ground or lengthening the arm if he does not arrive with a block." With intention, but without expectations. "One day you don't realize it and you get what you've imagined." There are students who tell him how his divorce has made it easy for them. "They say it's me but it's yoga." It is recommended even to pregnant women. "With the first one I was young, I was 26, and they told me not to do anything. With the second, which I was not so afraid, I continued my active life taking into account my limitations and the good recovery was brutal and until the day before giving birth. "

Therefore, in parallel to the brand, it brings yoga to the public with free sessions for those who can not afford it and even express for those who say they do not have time. "There are no excuses to try this meditation in motion. There are more than six teachers because sometimes I can't because of recordings and it's also nice to try different methodologies and see what each one brings you."

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