Qinghai Golmud, 3 March -- Topic: Part-time deputy secretary of Qinghai Golmud's "piece of police" The people have more "caring people"

Author: Li Shasha, Li Jun

"After working as a civilian police officer for so many years, now I am a part-time deputy secretary, I have more status, and I feel that the burden on my shoulders is heavier!" Recently, in Golmud City, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, the Hexi Subdistrict Party Working Committee issued a letter of appointment for the deputy secretary of a part-time community party organization to the party members and police in its jurisdiction Daniel Zhang.

From "film police" to "deputy secretary", the status and position have increased, which has also further extended the local grassroots party building work to the community and the people, and realized the linkage and complementary advantages of the urban grassroots governance police and society.

Zhang Jingjing, secretary of the party working committee and director of the office of Hexi Subdistrict, Golmud City, introduced that the innovative grassroots governance model of part-time deputy secretary of the civilian police is mainly because the community party organization hires party members and civilian police to join the team of community party organization team members, actively participate in community governance, integrate into community life, maintain the stability of the jurisdiction, and help community development.

"At the same time, we have also further clarified the job responsibilities of part-time deputy secretaries, requiring them to actively participate in the research and decision-making of major matters of the community 'two committees', effectively consolidate the work model of 'one community and one police' from the source, and continuously promote the implementation of social grassroots governance measures in the jurisdiction." At present, our jurisdiction has hired a total of 7 civilian police officers in the jurisdiction to work as part-time secretaries of community party organizations, and this measure has been welcomed and praised by the masses. Zhang Jingjing said.

The reporter learned that the grassroots governance work model of hiring party members and civilian police in the jurisdiction to work part-time as deputy secretaries of community party organizations has been implemented, and will give full play to the organizational advantages of the "big work committee" of the neighborhood and the "big party committee" of the community, rely on the co-location and co-construction agreement signed at the beginning of the year, further strengthen the construction of the system, timely report the public security situation and the dynamics of the case in the jurisdiction through the deputy secretary of the "piece police", put forward preventive measures, and guide the formation of grid members, residential community building leaders, unit leaders, party members, volunteers and other mass prevention and mass management forces.

Rong Zenghui, a resident of Bayi Community, Hexi Street, Golmud City, said: "In the past, the people's police were in charge of public security work in their jurisdiction, and they felt that they were not particularly close to our masses, but now they are the deputy secretary of the party organization in our community, and they feel that there is no sense of distance at once, what can I find them, from our masses themselves, they not only protect our safety, but also are intimate people of our masses." ”

In view of the problem of weak grassroots social governance teams and insufficient manpower in various communities in the streets, Hexi Subdistrict of Golmud City gave full play to the roles of community police, property companies, owners' committees, building directors and other personnel, explored and established a "1+1+1+N" grid service governance team, actively absorbed community police as full-time and part-time grid members, further enriched the strength of the grid member team, and formed a regionalized "big party building" work pattern of joint consultation, resource sharing, complementary advantages, integration of sections and blocks, and co-location and co-construction through contractual co-construction. The integrated governance effect of "1+1>2" has been formed.

"There is a deputy secretary in uniform in the party organization, a backbone for deliberative decision-making, and a main force for doing things!" Shang Jun, secretary of the party committee of Bayi Community, Hexi Street, Golmud City, said.

In key and difficult work such as community joint prevention and control, investigation of potential safety hazards, public security patrols, key personnel control, conflict and dispute mediation, and the creation of civilized cities, the deputy secretary of the community police integrates into the community party organization, policing and community daily work in a dual capacity, participates more in community affairs, and plays a functional advantage and bridge role in further doing a good job in community grassroots governance, truly realizing the linkage between the police and the people, complementing each other's advantages, thereby enhancing the sense of security, gain and happiness of the people in the jurisdiction. (End)