Macao, March 3 (Zhongxin Net) -- While watching clips of his nine concerts since his debut, Jacky Cheung gently wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and sighed repeatedly: "I'm old." ”

61-year-old Jacky Cheung will celebrate the 40th anniversary of his debut next year.

Jacky Cheung appeared at the press conference of "Jacky Cheung 60+ Tour". Photo courtesy of Universal Music

Although he shouts "old", Jacky Cheung is not afraid of old age and has no plans to retire. He is grateful for the gift of age, because he is more mature in terms of looking at things and dealing with people.

Back on January 2019, 1, Jacky Cheung said at the last performance of "Alumyou Classic World Tour": "Singing is my favorite thing in my life, but I want to continue to improve, will not stop here, and hope to bring everyone a better performance in the near future." ”

After four years, Jacky Cheung's 60th tour has finally begun, and the first stop of "Jacky Cheung 6+ Tour" will start in Macau on June 9.

Jacky Cheung appeared at the press conference of "Jacky Cheung 60+ Tour". Photo courtesy of Universal Music

These four years have passed very fast and slow for Jacky Cheung. The fast one is as if the last tour was just finished, and the slow one is that I am panicked at halftime and feel like I am unemployed.

"I'm afraid of losing what I like." Although it has been almost 40 years since his debut, Jacky Cheung still has not gained a sense of security from the profession of singer. "It's not that you can do this song now and the next song too. It's not that someone will come to see you concert now, and there will be later. ”

In fact, in the past four years, Jacky Cheung has not stopped singing, and he hopes that he can maintain a very good state.

According to Jacky Cheung's original plan, he acted in the musical first, but due to the need for multi-party coordination, he felt that it would be difficult to control the overall situation, so he still chose to do the concert he was most familiar with.

Worrying about every detail is the characteristic of Jacky Cheung's debut for many years. Before the press conference, he will pay attention to whether the lighting in the venue is turned up to the best.

"To be honest, I think it's a bit too much for myself. Why do you care so much as an artist? The problem is that I've been doing it for so long, I've got used to it, and I can't change it, so everyone endures it. Anyway, I told myself to just mind my own business. ”

Jacky Cheung appeared at the press conference of "Jacky Cheung 60+ Tour". Photo courtesy of Universal Music

The main visual poster of "Jacky Cheung 60+ Tour" uses water as an element, he explained that water is full of possibilities, no matter what difficulties are faced, the road ahead is bumpy, water can always find a way out and continue to move forward.

This is also Jacky Cheung's encouragement to himself - to remain flexible like water at all times, so that he has the motivation to move forward.

Although he is over 60 years old, Jacky Cheung is in very good shape, he insists on exercise, and only eats two meals a day - breakfast and dinner, "I don't cook, so I can only eat with my wife." He said with a smile.

Jacky Cheung never wanted to retire, and singing was one of his favorite things. In his opinion, being old does not mean that he can give up his love.

He even wanted to go to Tibet for a concert because the air was thin, and "I wanted to give it a try, because I don't know if I will have the opportunity to try it again in the future." ”

Jacky Cheung said that the poster shape is the most ideal 60+ image in his heart. Photo courtesy of Universal Music

For his tenth concert, Jacky Cheung revealed that in addition to Macau, Beijing is also planned, but other cities have not yet been finalized, and they must be indoors. He admits that the song selection will be bold, there will be nostalgic parts of old songs, and he will also sing some new songs that have never been performed. However, Jacky Cheung is Jacky Cheung after all, and he has his own style and bottom line——

There will be no cover of popular songs to attract a larger younger audience; will not engage in very exaggerated shapes, because the most afraid of daily life is too exaggerated; Won't do much interaction...

"Some of the interactions at the last concert were my limit, but I didn't want to do it and didn't know how to do it, because too much interaction would affect the process later."

Setting records has always been a major attraction of Jacky Cheung's tours. 1995 "Alumy Concert" in 100, 2007 "Alumni Lightyear Concert" in 105, 2010 "Jacky Cheung 1/2nd Century Concert" in 147, 2016 "Alumni Classic Concert" in 233...

When he started his tour in 2007, Jacky Cheung wrote in an article that "I am burning myself".

Recalling that past, he bluntly said that the first feeling after seeing that there were 105 performances was "finished", worried that his body could not bear it, "At that time, I was actually a little lost, I thought that a good performance was to perform desperately, but neglected to enjoy the process. ”

But after opening 105 shows, Jacky Cheung suddenly found a feeling, "So many people ask me why I can open so many performances, because I sing very happily, everyone is very happy to watch, and when I am happy, many things are very smooth." ”

Jacky Cheung said that the light of the lighthouse is like his original intention. Photo courtesy of Universal Music

However, Jacky Cheung no longer wants to challenge the record of the number of performances, but only wants to challenge himself, "Try to do every performance well, every additional performance means a little more support, thank you again for your care for me." ”

At the end of the interview, a reporter shouted: "Does the (relay) stick of the 'God of Song' want to hand it over?" ”

Jacky Cheung's eyes smiled with crow's feet, "I don't have this (relay) stick, thank you." (End)