Knowledge bloggers help online learning (Internet practitioner tour (4))

How to make a good and delicious hamburger? What is it like to travel through space in a spacesuit or even go to the Tiangong space station? Which law applies to the illegal acts committed by passers-by "Zhang San"? ...... With the rise of the online science popularization boom, a group of content bloggers who are either knowledgeable or have outstanding specialties in vertical fields have gained the praise and attention of netizens with interesting content and "hardcore" knowledge.

Legal knowledge blogger Luo Xiang:

Actively popularize the law online

When it comes to jurisprudence, many people's reaction is that the legal concepts are complex, the provisions are numerous, and the curriculum is boring. However, on the Internet platform, Luo Xiang, director of the Institute of Criminal Law at China University of Political Science and Law and professor at the College of Criminal Justice, turned the criminal law course into a popular online course.

"The law has a temperature and is close to the lives of the masses." Luo Xiang said that what he did was to make the public realize that the fairness of the law does not deviate from the scale in their hearts, so that people are more in awe of the law.

"True knowledge must come out of the book fast, affecting every heart that is willing to think." In March 2020, Luo Xiang entered a video website, opened a "Luo Xiang Says Criminal Law" account, and released a short video without any skills to speak of, the content was just a few simple opening sentences, but this video received a lot of likes. Today, "Luo Xiang Says Criminal Law" has more than 3.2631 million fans, and netizens feel the charm of the rule of law in his vivid and interesting narration.

"When you say obscure legal knowledge in pleasant words, and say what everyone wants to say but does not say, legal knowledge naturally enters people's hearts." Luo Xiang said.

In 2023, Luo Xiang will still popularize law online, from university campuses to video platforms, from criminal law professors to short video bloggers, platforms and identities are changing, and the original intention of law popularization remains unchanged. Let more people try their best to be a "light of the rule of law", this is Luo Xiang's expectation for the work of the new year.

"Young Woman of Agricultural Drift" Zhao Li:

"Make more 'moving dough' for kids"

Before shooting, create a detailed script and determine the content of each frame. When shooting, prepare all the ingredients and dishes used for shooting, fix the shooting props, such as camera stands, cameras, lights, etc., and then follow the progress of the script, and then formulate the movement trajectory of each picture, and start shooting according to your own photo sheet... This is the workflow of food blogger "Agricultural Drift Young Woman" Zhao Li. Not long ago, she started working on her new sandwich stop motion animation show.

Zhao Li, 34, is a "mother" and an accountant for a company. Because of his hobbies, Zhao Li and his good friends made a Douyin food account called "Agricultural Drift Girl", among which, the popular video "Lotus Crisp" has been viewed tens of millions, and currently has 48,15 fans, and there are also <>,<> fans on the video website Bilibili.

Different from traditional food videos, in Zhao Li's videos, there are moving dough, pork belly dancing on the table, big carp that can do diving sports, and bread and steamed buns that can change 72... Through stop-motion animation, Zhao Li gives life to these ingredients, they are either small and flexible, or naughty and happy, these "alive" ingredients become delicious food after a series of ingenious changes, causing netizens to "drool".

In the process of production, there are ups and downs, but also gains.

"The loss of bad video data and difficulties in the production process are all frequent." Zhao Li said, "But after the video was sent, everyone's positive comments and heart-warming private messages gave me a sense of accomplishment." ”

In Zhao Li's video comment area, there are "Bao's mothers" who leave a message to her saying that their baby must watch her video before going to bed before going to bed, some people say that the child will be moved to tears after watching the video, and some fans say that watching her video feels very decompressed, and the troubles of the day have disappeared...

"These words are the most memorable for me, I didn't expect ordinary food videos to bring such recognition to others. My kids will also tell me, Mom, this video is so funny, I like this moving dough. This gives me a lot of motivation. Zhao Li said.

Now, Zhao Li is learning stop-motion animation production techniques and refining his video production skills. "This year, I'm going to try to become a professional video maker and make more 'moving dough' for kids!" Zhao Li said.

"Kepler Starman" Li Kaibin:

"Make the Moon Town Bigger"

"Junming, can you take a look at the modeling of this moon base, can it be achieved with Unreal Engine (animation tools)?"

At the time of the interview, Li Kaibin was in his studio in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, discussing the technical issues of the new program production with Zhao Junming, his entrepreneurial partner and team technical leader. Their aerospace science popularization account "@开普勒星人" currently has more than 500 million fans on the whole network and has produced more than 15.<> billion video views.

Li Kaibin is a 25-year-old director of "@开普勒星人" and is responsible for the production and creativity of content.

"We have 4 people in the core of the team working on different modules. Zhao Junming is the technical leader of the team, helping us to complete the entire creative execution process efficiently; Chen Ruisheng is the overall operation and commercialization leader of the team; Li Jichen is responsible for IP marketing and content risk control. Li Kaibin said.

"@开普勒星人" is a virtual character who lives on the surface of the moon, and its idea stems from Li Kaibin's love of aerospace knowledge. Because "Kepler Starman" often brings into the current news hot spots from a first-person perspective, and the animation scenes it appears are very realistic, making people immersive and widely praised on the Internet.

"An elementary school teacher once wrote to us privately that the children in her class loved watching our videos." Li Kaibin told this reporter, "Many parents say that every issue will be shown to children, and their children also very much want to come to the moon to find the 'Kepler Starman'." The children's love and support make us more motivated. ”

When the Tianhe core module was launched, "@开普勒星人" made a video of a visit to the Chinese space station. "That's my favorite video." Li Kaibin said, "We spent half a month to refine and complete, and at that time we found a lot of information to build the interior of the space station, and there were places where I couldn't find references, so I played freely." Finally, a high-definition and interesting short video of the Chinese space station was born, this video was loved by many netizens, and netizens curiously asked what this 'Kepler Starman' did? In fact, we are just ordinary people who love space culture. ”

2023 is a year of hope for Li Kaibin's team. "We will continue to closely monitor the country's space program while various emerging AI tools are already being used in our work." We will start to expand our role, such as making the Kepler Starmen a big family and the moon town bigger! ”

(People's Daily Overseas Edition, Yang Junfeng)