Some private organizations that support needy households have subsidies that can be used to pay for their children's school advancement expenses, but in some cases, more applications have been received than last year, indicating that the prolonged impact of the coronavirus and soaring prices are putting needy households in a difficult situation.

Of these, the international NGO "Save the Children Japan" provides 3,5 yen for junior high school enrollment and 1815,2 yen for high school enrollment to households with children in financial hardship, and the number of applicants this year was 95,4, more than double the number of applicants from last year.

In the questionnaire at the time of application, <>% of respondents answered that they "feel a lot" that their lives have become difficult due to soaring prices, and more than <>% of respondents thought that they would use debt to cover preparation expenses such as admission.

Mitsue Tashiro of Save the Children Japan says, "It is a burden to prepare a large amount of expenses when daily life is on the edge, and children's right to learn should not be affected by the economic situation of the family and become unstable."

In addition, the NPO "Shingurumazaazu Furamu" offers subsidies ranging from 2,5000 yen to 6,867 yen for children enrolled in single-parent families with financial difficulties, and 2540,<> people applied, <> more than last year.

Amid a decline in income and an increase in living expenses, there were voices saying that they wanted to use the money to purchase uniforms and school supplies, indicating that households in need are in a difficult situation due to the prolonged impact of the coronavirus and soaring prices.