Ramadan football tournaments, which are organized in many Egyptian cities and villages, have attracted admiration and praise from followers on social media, in light of the remarkable development they witnessed after the adoption of the means and tools of professional competitions for the most popular game in the world.

In recent years, these tournaments have developed significantly, until this year they simulate Premier League and international league matches, and witness strong competitions and wide follow-up by citizens of the neighborhoods and villages in which they are held.

Among the organizers of these tournaments in their organization are the conduct of festive openings, as is the case with international tournaments, the adoption of mouse technology to refer to it when needed, a sports commentator who sometimes takes strange and funny places to comment, and the use of the light panel when making the switch, and its matches witness a remarkable public presence.

These courses have become more organized and exciting, and the performance of the participating teams has evolved, and it can be seen that the actions of the players of these teams are similar to the actions of professional players in international competitions.

Celebration and comparison

The episode of the "Shabakat" program on (2023/3/28) followed the comments of social media users on these Ramadan courses and the development they witnessed, some of which included expressions of praise and admiration, while others carried comparisons between their organizers and what tweeters see as poor performance of the Egyptian Football Association.

Sayed Farouk tweeted: "Ramadan tournaments put the Football Association and those in charge of football in Egypt in an awkward position. Less possibilities and without any complications var, masses and organization. They lack stadiums and stands, and these tournaments will be more important and better than the Egyptian league itself."

Muhammad Ali commented that "football is a game for everyone, not a monopoly on a certain limit. I wish football officials in Egypt would understand this."

While Mohamed Taha considered the Ramadan courses "one of the most important spirit and manifestations of Ramadan in Egypt," adding that "the origin and history of beauty are in the details of simple people who work them," Mohamed Gomaa tweeted: "From these places were the talents that raised the name of Egyptian football, but see the situation now."

Mizo quipped, "How does this work? Where is the Football Association to prevent this farce, how can it be in the fans watching a ball, and where is the security to prevent the fans under the slogan of security reasons."

The astronomical tournament, which has been held in Alexandria for 47 years, is one of the most famous Ramadan courses in Egypt, and is attended by major Egyptian commentators, and graduated players in the Premier League, such as Ahmed Al-Kass and Ahmed Sari, and was attended by the artist Adel Imam before filming his film Al-Harif.