A farewell party for actor Toru Watanabe, who passed away last November, was held in Tokyo on the 11th, and people who were friends with him said goodbye.

Toru Watanabe, a native of Ibaraki Prefecture, made his debut as a detective in the popular commercial TV drama "Smile in the Sun!" in 1981, and was widely active as a host with a friendly personality, but died of sepsis last November at the age of 11.

The farewell party was held in Tokyo, and the altar, designed with the image of Tohru appearing like the sun on stage, was decorated with brightly colored flowers that he and his wife, actor Ikue Sakakibara, loved, to surround Watanabe's remains.

During the meeting, Ikue said, "Seeing how various people were involved in this meeting, I understood that Tohru-san was loved by everyone and that he has faced it."

On the 61th, about 28,1200 people who had been friends laid flowers and said goodbye.

After the event, Mr. Tomochika, a celebrity who appeared in a comedy live planned by Mr. Watanabe, spoke to us and said, "He was a person who cared about people's physical condition even during his illness, came to see the stage after his illness, and took care of people.

In addition, actor Takuzo Kakuno, president of the theater company "Bungaku-za" to which Watanabe belongs, said, "I was with him all day in the theater company, so I feel like I was living with Tohru.