【During the same period】Hunan provincial intangible cultural heritage single gong rap inheritor Li Dihui

Our gongs and drums in Hunan are mainly five pieces, drum, gong, small gong and two sets of cymbals. These are two pairs of cymbals, this is a big gong, here is a small gong, here is a drum, these five pieces make up our Hunan percussion. If you want to hit it with your hands, it will be 5 people, and I will replace these 5 people first.

【Commentary】The old man in front of him who talks endlessly about Hunan gongs and drums is Li Dihui, the inheritor of Hunan provincial intangible cultural heritage. He created his own set of "all-round gongs and drums", which can play 64 musical instruments such as gongs, drums, erhu, and flutes at the same time using his mouth, hands, elbows, wrists, legs, knees and other parts. Coupled with his humorous improvisational rap, it has become a classic of one person and one play.

[Contemporaneous] improvisational rap

Especially our teacher Deng is young and beautiful, you see our male brother, a lot of shaking (handsome). Beat me slowly, sing slowly, perform slowly, and let you become a soulmate of the single gong and drum.

Li Dihui, who is 76 years old this year, was born in a family of quyi artists in Huarong County, Hunan Province. He has worked in the Huagu Theater Troupe, Shadow Theater Troupe and Quyi Troupe for many years, which has cultivated his proficient talent in playing, playing and singing.

In the 20s of the 60th century, in a theatrical performance held in Huarong County, Hunan Province, due to the limited number of actors, Li Dihui was required to produce a show alone. Just when he was helpless, he remembered that he had stayed in the shadow puppet theater, shadow puppet performances were all grasped by one person, he knew a lot of musical instruments, why not try it. Unexpectedly, the performance was a great success, so the first one-man gong and drum - "one-person gong drum" was born.

【During the same period】Hunan provincial intangible cultural heritage single gong rap inheritor Li Dihui

Originally, I called a one-person gong, but why was it called a single-person gong and drum? It was that time I sent the recruits up to perform (star), and after the performance I came down, I went to the audience hall, and a farmer said, you didn't come just now, there was a person who was quite powerful, he did a lot of (instrument performances) alone. (I said) what is that called, (he said) solo gong. The masses spoke, I heard, I said, okay, this. That one-person gong is a double accent, and the single gong is also loud, (I) think that one person gong he still has two gongs, three people gongs, multiple gongs, single gongs are one person's gongs, you want. So the name was conventional, and it was settled.

【Commentary】At the beginning, there were only a dozen kinds of musical instruments for single gongs and drums, but with more and more performances and cultural exchange activities, Li Dihui began to constantly update and expand the musical instrument components of single gongs and drums, and finally evolved into 64 musical instruments today. Over the past decades, he has also performed in Poland, Russia, Japan and other countries, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, to promote and promote Chinese traditional opera culture.

【During the same period】Hunan provincial intangible cultural heritage single gong rap inheritor Li Dihui

There was a joke in Poland (during the performance), I brought a show called "Single Gong and Drum to See the Lanterns", (singing) In the middle of the new month, every household makes a lantern, and the mother-in-law gets up early in the morning and wants to go to the street to see the lights. There is no new moon in foreign countries, he is just the Spring Festival, he only has Christmas, every household has no lanterns, he only has electric lights on the road, the translator he just flipped, Mrs. Christmas stood on the road to look at the electric lights, he just stood there, Christmas stood there to look at the electric lights, nothing to do.

【Commentary】Speaking of the past when he went to Poland with the Hunan Folk Song and Dance Troupe to participate in an international literary competition in 1987, Li Dihui was very proud. At that time, when it came to the stage of the program, the organizing committee proposed that according to the regulations, the participating groups must be accompanied by live bands and cannot use audio tapes, but there is no band in the Hunan group. Just when everyone was very anxious, someone proposed to simply ask Li Dihui to accompany him with a single gong and drum.

【During the same period】Hunan provincial intangible cultural heritage single gong rap inheritor Li Dihui

What to do to save these shows? As soon as I boasted, they waved their hands and danced, and Xiangxi waved their hands and danced; As soon as I played the pipe, they danced the Hmong dance; As soon as I play the flute, I sing shadows (plays); As soon as I played the gong and drum, they flipped and fighted, flipped on the stage, anyway, it was already messy, there was no such dance and that dance, anyway, as soon as I did it (how they performed), then I clapped more than thirty times, and the whole won 7 awards.

【Commentary】Although the personal program is ridiculous in translation, Li Dihui's accompaniment to a one-in-ten and brilliant performance has achieved unexpected results, which has opened the eyes of the judges and audiences from all over the world. The single gong and drum is also praised as the "magical gong and drum machine" by foreign friends, and has become a unique artistic expression with Huxiang characteristics.

Reporting by reporters Xu Zhixiong and Deng Xia from Changsha

Responsible Editor: [Ji Xiang]