Long shadow three-studio small-screen virtual production in-depth test film "Heroic Sons and Daughters" poster. Photo courtesy of Long Shadow

Changchun, March 3 (Tan Weiqi, Lv Shengnan) On the 28th, the first work of the small-screen virtual production (VP) technology depth test of Changying Third Studio, the film-level virtual production depth test series "Heroic Sons and Daughters", was officially released. The film is the latest achievement of the in-depth test of small-screen virtual production technology carried out for the first time in China.

In 1964, part of the scenes of the classic film "Heroic Sons and Daughters" of Changying were filmed in the third studio of Changying. 59 years later, the new era filmmakers used the small LED curved screen introduced by the studio to create three-dimensional and immersive war scenes, and filmed and produced the test short film of the same name "Heroic Sons and Daughters" created with the classic film as the background of the era.

The film tells the story of the third brother of the volunteer soldiers, Niu Fu, Suppository and the war doctor's family fighting bloody battles to protect their homes and defend the country.

Wang Dong, the technical director of the test film "Heroic Sons and Daughters", said that Changying Three Studios, which was founded in 1937, was upgraded and added modern digital film and television production technology "XR-LED virtual production", which not only retains the original value of film cultural relics assets, but also becomes the basis for the development of Changying digital technology.

Producer Gong Zhaohui and director Ju Peng both mentioned the positive role of virtual production technology in improving efficiency and saving costs. During the filming process, the general crew can shoot almost forty or fifty shots a day without working overtime. In this test, I can shoot almost 1450 shots a day, which improves the efficiency by about three times.

Actor Ma Tianqiao said: "Because we can see real things, we can achieve a so-called unity of 'vision and situation', and the experience performance is stronger." With the same physical strength, as an actor, you can shoot more scenes. (End)