In this week's streaming tips, it is Crimea that is the focus – in three different parts of the world. In the series Karen Pirie: Cold Cases, we find ourselves in the UK where a young detective begins investigating a murder after the case committed long ago is brought up again in a podcast.

"Just the fact that it's a young investigator makes it exciting," says TV critic Linus Fremin.

In the second series, Rabbit Hole, we have moved to the United States, where Kiefer Sutherland plays spy John Weir who becomes embroiled in a conspiracy and accused of murder.

This week's final series tip, Savage river, is about a woman who, after several years in prison, moves back to a small town in Australia, where a murder shakes residents.

"It's a growing genre that a lot of people call Australian gothic, where you're out in the smaller towns and there are strange mysterious murders," Fremin says.

See more about the series in the clip.