The reduced government crisis undertaken by Pedro Sánchez certifies his fundamental dependence on Podemos, since he has not even been able to relieve the most controversial ministers despite his inefficient management and the attacks that Irene Montero and Ione Belarra have been pouring in public against the PSOE for some time. The remodeling is limited to two changes sold as surgical, due to the departures of Reyes Maroto and Carolina Darias. Of course, they arrive after they have been able to use the c

Arteras of Industry and Health as a showcase for their electoral candidacies in Madrid and the Canary Islands of 28-M.

The feeling is that the president has concluded that protecting the ministers of Podemos – sticking to the investiture pact according to which the Socialists rule in their areas and the purple, in theirs – is

protect yourself

. However, the message it sends to society is very pernicious. In perhaps the last opportunity he has had to purge responsibilities within his Executive, he has chosen to put himself in profile. And the citizen is entitled to wonder, for example, whether

No one will answer for the historical error of only yes is yes

, a law that has caused irreparable damage, that has failed to protect the victims and that has generated almost unprecedented legal uncertainty. The president has decided that there are no political culprits for the effects of the rule and that conclusion weighs on the PSOE, as members of the party know. For many


that still represent socialism

who wants to flee from extremes

and seeking majorities with the constitutionalist parties to undertake the structural reforms that the country needs, Podemos has continuously acted as a Trojan horse within the Executive. And they know that not being able to break with the formation even after all the crises and direct confrontations they have provoked will harm them at the polls, despite the fact that they have marked distance.

It is the fifth government adjustment of Sánchez, one of the biggest dances of ministers, which also shows permanent instability.


It leaves the portfolio with a health system whose quality has been diminished by exhaustion and lack of reforms. And as a finishing touch,


his engine PERTE has jammed. They will be replaced by two trusted men of the PSOE, Héctor Gómez and José Miñones.

However, it is not a surprise what happened. Sanchez himself declared yesterday that his movements respond to a

Future strategy

"We need a decade of progressive governments," he said. It is clear: what unites Sánchez with Podemos and with the rest of the investiture partners is to stay in power. Although for this purpose social polarization is made a flag, legislation is legislated at the stroke of doctrine and without technical basis and institutions are eroded. Although for this the rule of law is not protected.