The most romantic restaurant on television, First Dates, has a new waitress: Laura Boado, who has joined the team led by Carlos Sobera and also integrated by Matías Roure and the twins Cristina and Marisa Zapata.

Accompanying singles to the table where they may find love, attending them during their evening, trying to calm the nerves of those who approach their appointment with some trepidation and being part of their first impressions, will be some of their tasks.

"It's a dream for me to be on a show like this, I've been following it since its premiere," says Laura. "I'm looking forward to taking advantage of this incredible opportunity I've been given to grow personally and professionally in a program I love," he says.

Laura Boado, Compostela model currently known for her participation in La isla de las Tentaciones 6, is already immersed in the recordings of First Dates and will begin to appear on screen in the deliveries that will be issued from the end of May.

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