Nine artists, including poet and literary critic Toru Kitagawa, were selected for this year's Japan Art Academy Prize, which is given to people who have made outstanding achievements in the field of art.

The following people were selected for this year's Japan Art Academy Award.

▽Craftsman Toshio Ohi, 64:
Inspired by the valleys of Colorado, USA, "Monument Cliff," is highly regarded for its unique form by continuing to challenge itself while keeping on the tradition of ceramics.

▽ Poet and literary critic Toru Kitagawa (87)
published a book discussing the world of poetry from the postwar period to the present day, and was highly praised for boldly confronting the boundless energy of the world of words.

▽ Mr. Kongo Nagakin, 71, a Noh musician and member of the Kongo-ryu sect, was credited with his great contribution to the spread and prosperity of Noh theater,
such as establishing his own rich and easygoing style while preserving the tradition of Kongo-ryu and reviving songs from the past that are no longer performed.

The three were also selected for the Imperial Prize for their outstanding achievements.

In addition
, Kazunori Konada, 79, a Western-style painter.

▽ Sculptor Kuwa * Yuki Yamaga.

▽ Calligrapher Soho Nagamori (72).

▽ Novelist Yoko Ogawa.

▽ Poet and scholar of Japanese literature Sadakazu Fujii, 80.

▽ Jika koto performer Yasukazu Fujii, 63.

That's 9 people.

The award ceremony is scheduled to be held in late June at the Japan Art Academy Hall in Taito-ku, Tokyo.

※ "Kusakammuri" under "ten", "tree" below it