How "top" is a bowl of snail powder?

Let countless people put

"Go to Liuzhou and eat snail powder"

Be on your bucket list

Flock to this small city in Guangxi

A bowl of flour, a city with fire

In 2023

Liuzhou became the first "dark horse" in the tourism industry

Every weekend

There were long queues at the gates of various snail powder shops in Liuzhou

Pulling suitcases in the queue becomes "standard"

Diners line up in front of the snail flour shop. Photo by Lin Xin

So hot that even "fire hydrants", hair washing shops, and vegetable markets were "captured" by foreign tourists

Let the Liuzhou locals look at it and call it out

"Give Liuzhou the weekend to tourists"

Diners line up in front of the snail flour shop. Photo by Lin Xin

Liuzhou people often say, "You can skip meals every day."

But you can't help but eat a bowl of powder."

The picture shows a bowl of delicious snail powder. Photo by Zhu Liurong

Snail powder originated in the seventies and eighties of the 20th century

It has unique flavors such as "sour, spicy, fresh, refreshing, hot" and so on

For more than 30 years of its development

Snail flour is only used as a local snack

Appear in Liuzhou street stalls or night markets

The picture shows snail powder. Wei Guozheng Regency

Smooth and refreshing rice noodles

Crispy and delicious peanuts

Soaked tofu in the broth

Paired with sour shoots that hit the "soul"

Roll in a spoonful of snail soup with red chili oil

One bite into the soul, can't stop

The picture shows various side dishes of snail flour. Wei Guozheng Regency

Liuzhou people love to eat snails

Its history dates back 20,000 years

And the way Liuzhou people eat snails is even more creative

Stir-fried snails, boiled snails, snails duck foot pot, etc

There are many ways to cook

The picture shows snail food. Image source: Visual China


With the improvement of rice noodle making technology

Bagged snail powder rides on the "east wind" of the Internet

Win the market at home and abroad

Liuzhou bagged snail powder production enterprise. Photo by Wang Yizhao

Get more people to make wishes

In this life, I must go to Liuzhou

Have a bowl of authentic snail flour

Diners check in at the snail powder shop. Photo by Lin Xin

However, the charm of this treasure town

It's not just a bowl of snail powder

The picture shows an aerial photograph of Liuzhou. Photo by Meng Mingming

Liuzhou embraces the city stream

It's like an enlarged Gangnam bonsai

This is a long history of more than 2,000 years

A national historical and cultural city with unique landscape landscape

The picture shows an aerial photograph of Liuzhou. Photo by Meng Mingming

This is the birthplace of the "Liujiang people"

Liu Zongyuan, a great literary magnate of the Tang Dynasty, served as the thorn of Liuzhou

In the poem of Yanagi Zongyuan

"The ridge tree covers the clairvoyant, and the river curves like nine intestines"

The picture shows Liuzhou City. Wei Guozheng Regency

Xu Xiake wrote

"Out of the earth and rocks on both sides of the river, between the mountains of soil,

Dozens of stone peaks, standing up in pairs"

It is a true portrayal of the image of Liuzhou city

The picture shows the night view of Liuzhou City. Wei Guozheng Regency

Liuzhou is also the largest industrial city in Guangxi

The only one that owns FAW, Dongfeng, SAIC and

The city of heavy truck manufacturers

Liu Gang, Liu Gong, Ovim...

Famous at home and abroad

The picture shows a car produced in Liuzhou. Photo by Wang Yizhao

Wuling Hongguang's hometown is Liuzhou

"Baby buses"

(Referring to Wuling New Energy Vehicles)

Speeding down the road

Liuzhou New Energy Vehicle. Photo by Cao Weijun

In addition to heavy industry

Liuzhou Light Industry was also famous throughout the country

In the eighties of the last century

Household appliances made in Liuzhou

"Double Horse" fan, "Dole" refrigerator

At one point, it was sold out of stock

柳州市工业博物馆内展出的双马牌电扇。朱柳融 摄




图为两面针厂房沙盘。林馨 摄












图为航拍柳州市。王以照 摄






图为航拍柳州市。王以照 摄






图为航拍柳州市柳江河。王以照 摄





图为柳州市洋紫荆盛开。王以照 摄

图为柳州市洋紫荆盛开。王以照 摄




图为柳州市洋紫荆盛开。朱柳融 摄







图为柳州市洋紫荆盛开。朱柳融 摄





图为柳州市洋紫荆盛开。朱柳融 摄




图为柳州市洋紫荆盛开。朱柳融 摄




图为柳州市青云菜市。林馨 摄




图为油堆。韦国政 摄

图为艾粑粑(左)和马打滚(右)。韦国政 摄

图为虾饺。林馨 摄





图为柳州市一夜市。黄紫薇 摄





The picture shows a night market in Liuzhou City. Photo by Huang Ziwei

The picture shows the special snack snail in Liuzhou City. Photo by Huang Ziwei

Here, there are endless snacks

In addition to snail powder,

There are also soup powder, dry noodles, fried snail powder,

Pork foot flour and other rice noodles

As well as beef offal, duck foot pot, marinated vegetables

There are also desserts such as tofu flowers, fried ice, and cassava soup

It's not enough to come with eight stomachs

The picture shows a duck foot pot. Wei Guozheng Regency

The picture shows fried snail powder. Photo by Huang Ziwei

The picture shows grilled oysters. Photo by Huang Ziwei

The picture shows fried duck feet. Photo by Huang Ziwei

The picture shows fried ice. Photo by Huang Ziwei

Here, 0 yuan to visit the park and visit the museum

There are many beautiful scenery in Liuzhou City

Free admission to the park

such as

Set karst natural landscape and subtropical karst plant landscape

Longtan Park as one

The picture shows Longtan Park in Liuzhou City. Wei Guozheng Regency

Or is it

Legend has it that Liu Sanjie became an immortal in Yufeng Mountain Park

Men, women and children gather here to meet friends with songs

Mountain songs are full of songs

Mountain song lovers sing in Yufeng Mountain Park in Liuzhou City. Photo by Lin Xin

You can also walk into the Liuzhou Industrial Museum

Timeless industrial exhibits

Silently speaking of the city

A century of great changes in industrial history

Charcoal truck displayed at Liuzhou Industrial Museum. Photo by Zhu Liurong

Here, climb Ma On Shan and watch the night view

Climb Ma On Shan and wait for a city to be lit

Ascend to the top of Saddle Mountain

Panoramic view of Liuzhou

The picture shows tourists watching the night view in Ma'anshan. Wei Guozheng Regency

Here, experience the water bus

It only costs 3 yuan

It can take you to enjoy the scenery on both sides of the Liujiang River

The picture shows the water bus in Liuzhou City. Photo by Luo Peng

Here, feel the most dazzling national style

The songs of the Zhuang people, the buildings of the Dong people, the dances of the Miao people, and the festivals of the Yao people

It can be called "Liuzhou national customs are unique"

The people of Sanjiang attended the event in full costume. Photo by Wu Lianxun

Here, enjoy the strength of the pet fan

To enhance the visitor experience

Three viewing platforms have been tentatively planned to be added to the summit of Ma On Mountain

Water buses also plan to put in larger operating vessels

Liuzhou also specially built a "blue powder bus" route

It is convenient for tourists to check in the major Internet celebrity snail powder shops

The picture shows the "Pink Bus". Photo by Lin Xin

Do you love such a city?

Text: Lin Xin

Photo: Lin Xin, Wei Guozheng, Wang Yizhao, Meng Mingming, Zhu Liurong, Huang Ziwei