The Metropolitan Police Department is calling for the strengthening of router security, saying that there have been a number of cases where home routers used for wireless connections to PCs have been illegally infiltrated from the outside and abused as sources of cyberattacks.

Since Reiwa 3, three years ago, major domestic manufacturers and telecommunications companies have been illegally accessed and their internal systems have been invaded one after another, and when the Metropolitan Police Department proceeded with an investigation, it was confirmed that there were several cases where the home router used for wireless connection of personal computers was the source of the attack.

In response to this, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department handed out leaflets calling for the strengthening of the security of home routers in front of JR Akihabara Station on the 28th to call for attention.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the abused router had evidence that a virtual dedicated network line called "VPN" was being used by someone without permission, so it is suspected that the criminal group broke in to hide the source of the attack.

The Metropolitan Police Department urges you to change your router password from a simple default setting and to check regularly for unfamiliar communication settings.

Masahide Hasunuma, deputy director of the Cyber Attack Countermeasures Center of the Metropolitan Police Department, said, "There is a risk that home routers will be used as a 'stepping stone' for cybercrime for a long time, and we would like to ask for countermeasures."