China News Network Xining, March 3 Topic: From Jiangsu to Qinghai: Cadres on Temporary Duty Build a "Bridge of Hearts" for Poverty Alleviation Cooperation in the East and West

Written by Li Yufeng Zhang Tianfu

"Admire the Yellow River conspiring to prosper, cross the plank road to forget the Xishan love" - the sixteen-character couplet hangs on the "Lianxin Bridge" on the plank road on the bank of the Yellow River.

The so-called Hualong is located in Hualong County, Haidong City, Qinghai Province in western China, and Xishan is Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. Although the two places are thousands of miles apart, their love is long. Since the establishment of the East-West Poverty Alleviation Cooperation Pairing Relationship between the two places in 2017, the two places have had frequent interactions and extensive exchanges, and Xishan District has contributed to the high-quality development of Hualong County in terms of financial support, talent support, consumption assistance and labor service cooperation.

The big guy said that not only did the "Lianxin Bridge" be built on the plank road on the bank of the Yellow River in Hualong County, but a group of cadres who aided the youth took root on the plateau and paved this bridge of friendship.

Bao Xuefeng, member of the Standing Committee of the Hualong County Party Committee and deputy county magistrate, first came to Hualong to aid the youth, and was impressed by the magnificence of the mother river and his thoughts on the future cause of youth aid, he often walked in the Yellow River, and since then he has forged an indissoluble bond with the plateau county town on the bank of the Yellow River.

The picture shows Bao Xuefeng (second from left) conducting research in a villager's home. (Infographic) Courtesy of Li Yufeng

A heart-to-heart feeling

"I am an ordinary cadre who aided the youth, and my mission is to make more contributions to the rural revitalization of Hualong and do more practical things for the people of Hualong during the period of aiding youth!" But when he first arrived in Hualong , Bao Xuefeng's work and life were not so smooth.

As an ethnic minority autonomous county, Hualong has a unique culture, coupled with Bao Xuefeng's lack of experience in dealing with ethnic minority compatriots in the early stage, he is really unfamiliar with life and his eyes are black.

Overcoming difficulties in many aspects such as plateau lack of oxygen and daily life, Bao Xuefeng started east-west cooperation work down-to-earth. He firmly believes: "The plateau can be deprived of oxygen, but it cannot be deprived of faith. ”

A little harder, a little harder, looking down at the gleaning, he hopes to write the most beautiful answer sheet on the 2740,<> square kilometers of land in Hualong - go to the countryside to nibble on cold buns, go around and go, and start the liaison and visit activities of the cadres around him, so as to grasp the first-hand information of the smooth and effective implementation of the youth aid plan.

He led the Xishan Youth Aid Technical Staff to visit the Qilian West Road Army Memorial Hall and the Xunhua Hongguang Village Education Base, so that everyone could understand the history of the struggle of the West Road Army in those years and receive education on ideals and beliefs.

The ideological education of cadres aiding young people should be grasped, and ordinary people should also worry about their lives. Even if the language is not comprehensible, this southern cadre has impressed the people of Hualong with his sincerity.

The picture shows that the Hualong Culture and Art Festival opened in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province in March this year. Photo courtesy of Li Yufeng

A word of commitment sets people's hearts

Over the past two years, in order to keep the commitment of east-west cooperation, through Bao Xuefeng's contact, 9 units in Xishan District have successively established a pairing relationship with Hualong in 13 townships, 5 village enterprises, 2 schools and 29 hospitals, and actively carried out counterpart assistance activities.

In order to introduce the experience of rural revitalization in the east to the west and actively explore the pairing model of "state-owned enterprises + villages", Xishan Cultural and Commercial Tourism and Shanlian Village of Donggang Town have established cooperative relations with Ahetan Village in Hualong County.

Pairing has laid the foundation for rural revitalization, but helping rural revitalization is not an empty phrase and a cliché, and there must be real changes in the countryside.

Since the "10143th Five-Year Plan", Hualong County has won a total of 36.<> million yuan in east-west cooperation funds and implemented <> projects. Through a period of efforts, with the completion and operation of these projects, the grand blueprint for rural revitalization has gradually emerged.

He knows the importance of going out, there are talents to develop, and only when he goes out can he bring money back. He connected the two parties, highlighted labor service cooperation, established an east-west labor service cooperation platform, and promoted the "red pomegranate" employment action. In order to strengthen the cooperation between the two places in labor service docking and protect the employment of enterprises, the "Spring Breeze Action" and the East-West Labor Service Cooperation Special Job Fair were organized. At the same time, in cooperation with the county employment bureau to carry out skills training with excavators, welders and housekeeping services as the main content, a total of 250 people participated in the skills training, so that more labor force through short-term training, master a skill, out of the mountain.

Consumption assistance is a kind of "hematopoietic" help. Bao Xuefeng used his own resources to increase the sales of Hualong agricultural products to the eastern region, and recommended Hualong high-quality products to participate in the "Jiangsu Counterpart Support Regional Characteristic Commodities Exhibition"; Invested 75,100 yuan to establish a Hualong characteristic agricultural products experience store in Xibei Town, Xishan District, with an annual sales volume of more than 600 million yuan; Coordinated Fushunde Company to open a direct sales store in Xishan District, and its sales exceeded <> million yuan during the year.

Starlight lived up to the rusher, and with his efforts, the consumption assistance case of Qinghai Fushunde Animal Product Development Co., Ltd., assisted by the Xishan Hualong Liaison Group, was selected as an excellent typical case of national consumption assistance to help rural revitalization in 2022.

Aiding the youth is not an exhibition game, but requires the dedication of every cadre. He paid attention to the selection of cadres to aid the youth, and selected a group of down-to-earth talents to come to support. In 2021, while completing the task of 18 technical talents, he took the initiative to coordinate 3 talents with deputy senior titles or above in the fields of health and education in Xishan District to Hualong for temporary job exchanges. In 2022, according to the actual needs of Hualong County, two professionals will be introduced from Xishan Cultural and Commercial Tourism Group to help the local SDIC company carry out production and operation.

In the past two years, 59 groups and 450 people have successively carried out docking and exchange activities in Xishan, and various social forces have donated more than 1000 million yuan to Hualong in terms of docking and exchanges. The collaborative brand "brightened", and the Xishan District Guanxi Work Committee played the role of "Five Elders" and extended a helping hand three times to participate in the <>th "Students Realize Their Dreams" activity in Hualong County; Wuxi Harmony Charity Foundation, Sunshine Good Deeds Volunteer Group, Wuxi Micro Angel and other charities have polished representative and influential charity brands such as "Walking Together with One Heart" and "Lighting Up Micro Wishes".

As the East-West collaboration deepened, he realized the importance of cultural exchange for cooperation between the two places. In order to let the unique western culture of Hualong really go global, on March 2023, 3, he took the lead in promoting the wonderful staging of the Hualong Culture and Art Festival in Dangkou Ancient Town, Wuxi. The intangible cultural heritage of Thangka and Qingxiu, which are Hualong Hualong, approached Wuxi and shined in the gentle Jiangnan water town.

The cadres of Hualong County said that Bao Xuefeng's style of doing things is just like his name: snow fetus plum bones, majestic peaks. (End)