【Commentary】Tongtian Rock Scenic Area, Grand Canyon, Huangshan, Qiandao Lake... With the hope of the destination attractions, at 3:28 on March 10, 24 passengers boarded the Y428 tourist train and began an eight-day spring trip.

It is reported that this is the first tourist train launched by China Railway Travel Service Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Beijing Railway Bureau, in 2023, which has the characteristics of "multiple tours on the first line, one ticket to the end, the car goes with the person, and the scenery moves with the car", and will carry passengers to Jiangxi, Fujian, Anhui and other provinces.

【During the same period】Business Manager of China Railway Travel Group Tourism Special Train Branch Zhao Huaying

We have a total of 11 groups and 11 tour guides on this bus, which follow you throughout the whole process and serve you throughout the process. In terms of route design, we fully give passengers selectivity, we have a total of 8 days of itinerary, the first 5 days are the same for everyone, from the 6th day, we will be divided into A line Huangling, B line Qiandao Lake, C line Huangshan, according to the needs of guests can be personalized customization.

At about 10 a.m., the reporter saw at Beijing Fengtai Station that many passengers dragged suitcases and carried DSLRs and tripods, and most of the passengers were retired middle-aged and elderly people.

【Contemporaneous】Traveler Mr. Gai

I followed the tourist train 3 times, mainly think that one is that it is a way of travel I am very acceptable, relatively relaxed, you for example, we travel the whole way without changing cars, is our luggage, large luggage to the car, to the tourist attraction, carry a small backpack simple can travel. I've walked three times, basically "zero shopping", no shopping, so we think this way of traveling is particularly suitable for us who have taken a vacation, and it is very economical, 3000,<> yuan, and very acceptable.

【Explanation】In view of the characteristics of many elderly and children in the tour group, there are two doctors accompanying the tour to provide passengers with health care knowledge, emergency assistance and other services.

【During the same period】Beijing Emergency Center doctor Zhang Lei

Before we learned that there were many elderly passengers on this train, we prepared a lot of emergency oral drugs for them, such as nitroglycerin, quick-acting heart-saving pills, and the anti-allergic drug Caritan, as well as diarrhea, Smecta and the like.

【Commentary】Since 2023, the tourism market has recovered, Zhao Huaying introduced, after the launch of this tourism train, the market has reacted strongly. In response to demand, China Railway Travel Group will also launch more tourism products for tourists to choose from in due course.

【During the same period】Business Manager of China Railway Travel Group Tourism Special Train Branch Zhao Huaying

We basically have a special tour train once or twice a month, and we will pre-sell a month and a half in advance. Once the tourist train was launched, guests enthusiastically signed up, basically we were full ten days before departure, and we will arrange a special tourist train in Jiuzhaigou on April 4, the itinerary is 18 days.

Reporter Liu Chao reported from Beijing

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]