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On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, French rapper Lomepal performs on the main stage of the Accor Arena, for the first time in a three-year absence. A period voluntarily recluse after having lived an overwork, on which he confides in the columns of the "Parisian", on the occasion of the release of his new album "Bad order".

After three years of absence and many complaints from his fans, Lomepal is back on stage on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, on the occasion of the promotion of his new album Mauvais ordre. The Accor Arena in Bercy is full for the three concert dates planned by the artist, who has reason to congratulate himself on the loyalty of his audience. But this period of distance from the world of music hides a deep feeling of overwork, as he explains to Le Parisien.

A necessary distance for Lomepal, who had become known to the general public in 2017 with the album Flip. The following year, it was thanks to Jeannine, in reference to her grandmother, that the artist was praised by music critics. But the pressure of big deadlines soon weighed on his shoulders. "For two years, there were tours that went on one after the other, shooting, writing albums, etc. I have not had time at all to rest in ten years of music, "explained the rapper of 31 years in 2021, at the microphone of France Inter.

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"I don't live the same way anymore"

The artist, both rapper, singer and neither according to him, still reassures about his condition. "I did not burn out, but I was bordering on something unpleasant, and that was starting to grow, not to find too much meaning in what I was doing, because I was doing too many things at the same time," developed the rapper-singer.

If he said he was "broken from within" in 2019, when he indicated that he wanted to take a break from his career, Lomepal has now refocused on what matters to him. "The fact of having had a good sabbatical year, I reorganized and I do not live it at all in the same way," he confided this Monday to the Parisian. The cover of Bad Order, on which we can notice his girlfriend, the Swiss actress Souheila Yacoub, may be the indication of a calm for Lomepal.

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But for the latter, the fact "of no longer being on [his] phone all the time, of no longer having control of [his] image", is a significant reason for his newfound serenity. An empty passage that will not have been unsuccessful for Lomepal, since his last work released in September, was already certified gold a week later, and now double platinum. However, for this album, Lomepal had opted for discretion as to its promotion, so it is a bet won since it already had 29,366 physical sales the week of its release.