Rémi Jacob with Loane Nader 11:35 am, March 28, 2023, modified at 11:36 am, March 28, 2023

The show "Quotidien" once again arouses the wrath of influencers with Nicolas Fresco's column, dedicated to deciphering the news of these social network actors. This time, it is the voluptuous influencer Polska who is the laughing stock of the sequence, for having gone to one of the demonstrations against the pension reform.

"We came to demonstrate because we are for the France, we are for the Republic and we are against the reform!" enthused friends and influencers Polska and Tootatis, while they were part of the processions of demonstrators against the pension reform. A commendable initiative, but whose humorous character will not have escaped Nicolas Fresco, on the set of the show Quotidien. The one whose columns dwell on the latest news of influencers, often written in a tone of derision, did not hesitate to caricature the young influencer, which the latter is far from appreciating.

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"Polska and Tootatis, an influencer with a vodka name and another with that of an attraction at Parc Asterix," Nicolas Fresco joked, before continuing, "they are particularly famous for having been rejected from a restaurant because of their neckline deeper than the hole of the Sécu. So, it's true that without the sound, it looks more like they're going to see a game at the Stade de France." In his diatribe, the columnist also mocks their placard, which displays the slogan "Forms for reform".

Influencers Polska and Tootatis demonstrated at Place de la République in Paris. And they had their own slogan #Quotidienpic.twitter.com/6vGlduO8tg

— Daily (@Qofficiel) March 24, 2023

A "hypersexist and hypermisogynistic" chronicle

Comments that did not pass with the young woman of 23 years. She waited only a short time before questioning the famous presenter of the show, Yann Barthès, and appealing to his ethics. "So, I'm going to speak directly to you, Yann Barthès, because I don't know the name of your greasy-haired columnist," Polska said.

"So Yann Barthès, you, at your old age, because I went to check, you are still 48 years old, you find it normal that in 2023 we can still make chronicles that happen on TV in front of hundreds of thousands of people, hypersexist and hypermisogynistic," indignant the influencer with 218,000 subscribers on Instagram. "And just because it's covered in humor doesn't mean it gets better, huh? Because there, instead of talking about the act itself, you stopped at false nails and a cleavage."

It was important to make it clear #LesFormesContreLaRéformehttps://t.co/oOWiaYnwOb

— POLSKA (@Nikaa_Dww) March 26, 2023

Words that Polska reiterated in Touche pas à mon poste! on C8 this Monday evening, following his invitation to discuss the discord with Nicolas Fresco. A tray on which the influencer had already expressed herself last November, when she and her friend had been refused entry to a bistro in the capital by the manager, because of their too provocative outfits.