Yichang, March 3 (Reporter Liang Ting and Dong Xiaobin) In the Hubei Yichang Qiaoqiaohe Wetland Park, citizens enjoy the idyllic fun in the city.

The 2023 National Media Aerial Photography Master Three Gorges Tour and Aerial Photography Master Invitational Competition is being held here on the 27th, and aerial photography enthusiasts from all over the country "fly over" the Three Gorges and witness Yichang's construction of a solid ecological barrier with the lens, and the city's appearance continues to refresh.

In Hubei Yichang Rollbridge River Wetland Park, citizens enjoy the idyllic fun in the city Photo by Zhou Xingliang

The Wenqiaohe Wetland is a pilot implementation planning project of the ecological protection and restoration project of landscapes, forests, lakes and grasses in the Three Gorges area of the Yangtze River. Through restoration engineering measures such as plant and biological dredging and natural slope protection, the natural wetlands of the river beaches have been restored, the shoreline ecosystem has been reconstructed, and the self-purification capacity of the lake has been improved, and now it has become a good place for citizens to get close to nature.

Yichang is an important ecological barrier in the Three Gorges reservoir dam area. In recent years, the city has continued to promote the construction of green ecological corridors along the Yangtze River shoreline, strengthened the integrated protection and restoration of landscapes, rivers, forests, lakes and grasses, and built a model city for the protection of the Yangtze River.

On the bank of the Yangtze River in Yichang City District, citizens turned into "messengers to protect the river" and walked along the river

Located in the northwest of Yichang's central urban area, the Shahe River, a left-bank tributary of the Huangbai River, a first-class tributary of the Yangtze River, once suffered from black and odorous water, reduced water surface, and loss of ecological functions due to disorderly construction and random sewage discharge.

Yichang City launched the Shahe River Comprehensive Improvement Project in 2017 to build a portal-type dynamic function demonstration area for sponge city construction by coordinating the comprehensive treatment of water bodies, public green space landscape greening projects and sponge city projects, leading the comprehensive development of the area and the transformation of ecological value. Jiang Tao, the person in charge of the Shahe Project of Yichang Urban Construction Project Management Center, introduced that after nearly five years of restoration and rectification, the Shahe Wetland Park has achieved the ecological butterfly transformation of "clean water, green shore and beautiful scenery".

"Three Gorges Ant Workers" pick up garbage scattered on the river beach and regularly organize volunteer activities to clean up the beach Photo by Tian Yaoping

Today, when viewed from the air, Shahe Park is like a green streamer, stretching around the mountains, the river is clear and clear, and the riverbank is verdant, becoming a new "Internet celebrity check-in place". Jiang Tao said that with the continuous improvement of the follow-up park construction, cultural tourism elements will be enriched one after another.

On the banks of the Yangtze River in Yichang's urban district, dozens of citizens marched along the river as "river protection messengers", occasionally bowing over to pick up garbage scattered on the river beach. These volunteers are affectionately known as the "Three Gorges Ant Workers" by local citizens. It is reported that the Three Gorges Ant Workers Ecological and Environmental Protection Volunteer Association was initiated by Yichang barber Li Nianbang in November 2015 to regularly organize and carry out volunteer activities for beach cleaning with the purpose of protecting the ecology of the mother river of the Yangtze River. Today, the "Three Gorges Ant Worker" ecological and environmental protection volunteer team has become a spectacular scenery in the Yichang section of the Yangtze River. (End)