【Commentary】Drive the rice transplanter, go to the rice field to raise seedlings, every link, do it yourself, take care of the seedlings like a child. In late March, Taiwanese youth Zheng Zhiwei inspected the cultivation of seedlings in the factory seedling breeding base of Zhiwei Agricultural Co., Ltd. in Yulin City, Guangxi.

【During the same period】Taiwan youth Zheng Zhiwei I will take care of them very carefully every day, I will come to patrol the water every day, and if there is a shortage of water on either side, I will deal with it.

【Commentary】The 36-year-old Zheng Zhiwei did not study agriculture at university, and to engage in agricultural work in Guangxi was actually a "collective entrepreneurship" of Zheng Zhiwei's family. In 2012, after the agricultural machinery department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region organized a delegation to visit Taiwan, it warmly invited the Zheng family to set up a seedling factory in Guangxi.

【Commentary】Combined with the rice planting situation in Guangxi, Zheng Zhiwei's family has won the favor of more and more large rice farmers with high-quality seedling breeding technology and high-quality service. Now every year, new grain growers cooperate with the company, in addition to local customers in Yulin, there are also large grain growers from Nanning, Laibin, Beihai and Yangjiang, Lufeng and other places in Guangdong.

【Commentary】Zheng Zhiwei said that through years of practice and improvement, the company has changed the traditional irrigation method of seedlings, and the spray irrigation method they now use saves about 90% of water compared with the traditional irrigation method in the past.

【During the same period】Taiwan youth Zheng Zhiwei Mainly said that at the beginning of the flooded situation, it led to too late, because when I was too late, it needed to come piece by piece, and when I was large, basically it was almost "thirsty to death" below. The second is that there is not enough water, because it is too much, and you use more than ten times more water than you spray, and we were almost draining the fish pond at that time.

Zheng Zhiwei said that compared with Taiwan, Guangxi has greater opportunities for development in the agricultural field. Although similar seedling factories have appeared in Guangxi's main grain-producing areas such as Guigang, Zheng Zhiwei's family has won more and more customers by relying on mature seedling technology.

【Commentary】The smooth development of his career gave Zheng Zhiwei the idea of settling down in Yulin. At present, he has bought a house in Yulin City, and after the New Year this year, his wife came to Yulin with three children, and he also ended his life of going back and forth between the two sides of the strait.

Reporting by Jiang Xuelin and Chen Yanyou in Yulin, Guangxi

Responsible Editor: [Zhou Chi]