An event was held in Ginza, Tokyo on May 1 to encourage mothers raising children with illnesses and disabilities to spend their time as a woman, not as a 'XX-chan mom.


Mothers who bear the burden of nursing and nursing care as one "woman"

This event was planned by a group of people affected by illness and disability who support children going out, and was held for the first time for mothers who are considered to have a heavy burden on caring for their children.

At the rose specialty store in Ginza, Tokyo, which was prepared as the venue, five women gathered.

After the organizers asked them to spend time as women by calling each other by their names instead of "XX-chan Mama," the women toasted with a non-alcoholic cocktail made from edible roses.

After that, one by one, we consulted with a professional makeup artist about our daily makeup problems, and asked them to apply a different hairstyle and makeup.

After each hair and makeup, the women called out to each other "pretty" and "cute," and enjoyed talking and taking photos in the rose-scented venue.

A woman in her 30s who is raising a child with an intractable disease who participated in the event said, "I always have to find the elevator when I go out with my children, so when I ran up the stairs of the subway in high heels, I felt very happy. It was very nice to be able to enjoy conversations that had nothing to do with children."

Yumiko Nakajima, founder of the Tokyo Outing Project, who organized the event, said, "Some people felt guilty about leaving their children behind, but she tearfully told me that she realized that it is important to have time to take care of herself by participating in the event. I was talking.

The group will also organize events for fathers in the future.