Hangzhou, March 3 (CNS) -- Zhejiang Education Observation: Should scholarships and grants be encouraged in the name of dormitories?

Reporter: Xie Panpan

Recently, four students of Zhejiang University set up bursaries in the name of their dormitories, which caused heated discussions among netizens.

The "313 Scholarship of Zhu Kezhen College of Zhejiang University" was jointly established by four classmates Gao Minghe, Jiang Bofeng, Chen Zewen and Zheng Fujun who lived in the same dormitory of the university, and funded the "junior brothers and sisters" in the western region for 20 years. "313" is exactly the number of their bedroom.

There are several examples of scholarships and grants named after dormitories, in the school's education foundation.

As early as 2019, alumni of the School of Foreign Languages of Zhejiang University who graduated ten years after their dormitory number 229 signed an indefinite donation agreement with the Zhejiang University Education Foundation to establish the "Zhejiang University School of Foreign Languages 229 Scholarship Fund". Affected by it, the alumni of Dormitory 325 were deeply touched and once again made anonymous donations in the name of the dormitory...

Manfeng, deputy secretary-general of Zhejiang University Education Foundation, introduced that in recent years, goodwill "agreements" from alumni have become more and more on the accounts of the foundation.

For example, the "post-90s" mother of Zhejiang University and her 4-year-old daughter set up a scholarship and agreed to donate love for 18 years; There are also alumni who signed a 30-year "Hangzhou-Vietnam Talent Training Fund" in the name of their children, which is used to reward and subsidize full-time undergraduate and graduate students of the college.

The small amount and long duration have become the distinctive characteristics of the loving donations of ordinary alumni, but behind it is a deep attachment to their alma mater, and it can be said that the significance of inheritance is more obvious.

Netizens praised: "This is the new generation of new youth." "Doing good deeds is extending, a generation of young people, full of love." "A small amount of money can change the life of some children, and it is definitely a turning point."

Alumni donations were originally just a big "money bag" for famous private schools in the West. Among the world's leading universities, alumni donations are not only the "source of living water" for the running of universities, but also the "barometer" of the level, reputation and quality of universities. In recent years, with the promotion of university alumni associations, alumni donations have gradually become popular among Chinese universities.

However, in media reports, the amount of donations from alumni is often millions, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of yuan, and donations of several hundred yuan seem "unspeakable".

Manfeng believes that this is a misunderstanding. The purpose of Zhejiang University Education Foundation is to "bring together the trickle of all directions, and the great cause of education", regardless of the ability of alumni and the amount of donation, we will also "like" them. Nowadays, the donation model of alumni dormitory has been affirmed by netizens, which has broken the traditional perception of alumni that "you can only donate if you donate a large amount" to the school.

He believes that among Chinese university foundations, there is a certain gap between the proportion of alumni donations to the foundation and the foundation of overseas famous universities. Alumni are the most valuable resources and wealth of their alma mater, and every donation they make, no matter how much they have, represents their love and gratitude to their alma mater, and carries the most affectionate blessings and expectations of alumni to their alma mater.

"Don't be small for good", we should give a thumbs up to the good little while cheering for large donations. Only by accumulating small goodness into great love can the "living water" of Chinese university foundations form a spring. (End)