Hangzhou, March 3 (Reporter Wang Title) Recently, some netizens posted a video on social platforms saying that a large number of turtles died in the stream next to Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The video shows a worker in overalls picking up a dead turtle with pliers in one hand and a bucket full of dead turtles in the other, and continuing to search along the river.

On March 3, the reporter contacted the Lingyin Management Office of Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area on this matter, and the relevant staff said that there was indeed a situation of online video. "The video shows the cleaning staff performing a daily water quality inspection to prevent the turtle from rotting."

According to him, the location of the video shooting was the water near the Lingyin Feilai Peak Scenic Area, and the management office has taken samples of the stream water in the area for inspection.

The water near Lingyin Feilai Peak Scenic Area is crystal clear Photo courtesy of Lingyin Management Office of Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area

According to the preliminary judgment of the staff, most of the deaths were greenhouse turtles purchased and released by tourists from the market, and their ability to resist changes and adapt to the new environment was weak.

"On the one hand, due to the recent cooling and rainfall in Hangzhou, the water temperature has decreased, and it is difficult for these 'exotic turtles' to adapt. On the other hand, the water source of the scenic area comes from mountain and stream spring water, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the water temperature is extremely low at night. The staff revealed that there have been deaths of released turtles in the past.

The reporter also learned that in order to boost the tourism economy and promote the recovery of tourism, the West Lake Scenic Area implemented a first-line admission policy for domestic and foreign tourists from 1 toll park attractions, including Feilaifeng (excluding Lingyin Temple), from January onwards, and the number of tourists in Lingyin Scenic Area surged, with an average of more than 17,5 daily tourists. This undoubtedly brings difficulties to the management of scenic spots, and the behavior of tourists releasing turtles privately has increased compared to the past.

So, is it possible that water quality problems caused the death of released turtles? In this regard, the staff said: absolutely impossible.

It is reported that the Lingyin Management Office implements personnel to conduct daily inspections of the water quality of Cold Spring Creek every day, and arranges special personnel to regularly clean up weeds, garbage, floating debris, etc. in the stream to improve the water quality of small and micro water bodies. Judging from the regular sampling of water quality in the area, the results are above the surface water category 3.

Therefore, the staff of the scenic spot reminds citizens and tourists: do not release animals at will, resulting in harm to animals; The release will also cause damage to the natural ecology, such as the release of invasive species, it will seriously affect the ecological environment, and even be suspected of violating relevant laws and regulations. At the same time, we call on citizens and tourists to treat animals and the environment well, and stop releasing animals. (End)